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How to Get a Paycheck for Driving New Cars

Updated on October 17, 2015

Employment opportunities have evolved and changed. With the influx of technology and other factors, what used to be a past time is now a profession. A number of folks scouring for job prospects admit the economic climate offers new and groundbreaking professions never before seen. Countless jobs are changing and evolving. When evolution takes place there is room for something novel to pop its head up. Collecting a paycheck for driving a new car is a great example.

Most people find it difficult to believe there are actually some great employment positions for car drivers outside of the Indianapolis 500. This is not a scheme where someone suggests maneuvering a cab through city streets or steering a bus through busy metropolitan traffic. There are jobs where a worker simply gets behind the wheel of a spanking new vehicle to earn a paycheck. This is a little more work on the job description line, but nothing out of the ordinary as racing one around a track at over a hundred miles an hour.

Not as far fetched as most folks like to believe.

Ever think about getting paid to drive a car? Most people imagine this is a moment when a truck driving school commercial comes on and tells a viewer where to sign up for classes. This is a professional idea not tied to a commercial or school bus or even a cab.

There are other methods to get paid to get behind the wheel and make a good living at it. In nearly all of these examples the vehicles are brand new and the suggestion is not as far fetched as most folks believe. This is where most people begin to pay attention.

What types of companies or businesses offer it?

Getting a new car is a plan of action for tons of people in the workforce. Millions of professionals at various places of business strive to save a paycheck for the privilege. For the pleasure of driving one, monies are stashed away or borrowed. Eventually a savings or loan is the option to owning one. Doing the same thing as a form of work seems a little too good to be true. There are more than a few businesses capable of offering workers a chance to be behind the wheel of a new car and get paid.

Sales Rep

A sales representative is not always found behind a desk and computer in a cubby hole of the office. This is a career which has roots dating back decades, but it is still one of the few where workers get behind the wheel of a new automobile. One of the most likely candidates to see this take place is reps hired by the car companies.

Car sales reps are the most likely candidate to see this piece of equipment as part of the employment benefits package. The company business is focused on cars and the obvious role of the rep is showing off the latest and greatest advancement in the field of motor vehicles. The idea is to allow the driving to do the selling.

A rep needs to connect with an item they sell. Using a piece of merchandise allows for better interaction with a customer when speaking truthfully about it and answering any questions or concerns which come up in conversations. Additionally, advertising is a freebie and connected with the plan to have the rep take over driving the merchandise for sale.

Amazon has all sorts of material related to becoming a car sales rep. Find out the inside info on the job.

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Motoring journalist

Journalists who use one as a major tool of the trade are increasing in numbers. Most of these are writing articles about new cars for a living. Material is published about new cars in magazines and other related publications.

Most of the best ones, usually new to the marketplace with more bells and whistles, come from the major car manufacturers. The majority are found with the journalists employed by motorist magazines. Though, there is certainly room for others to enjoy the privilege every now and then.

A motoring journalist is also defined as a writer traveling around the country via car for other responsibilities. Lots of food critics take the time to discover out of the way places where planes or buses do not go and a car is the logical choice. The food business is picking up the tab.

Media driver

This is a general description which includes a variety of work. Some workers are used to place cars in specific locations or positions during a video shoot, commercial or movie. The car is the main focus and not what the driver is doing with it for this example.

Other media drivers include those considered actors with minor roles in movies and similar entertainment venues. There only responsibility for the most part is driving a car from point A to point B. For the most part these actors are puttering down the street, across the freeway or parked on the road. They are not the stars of the show, but they get a paycheck just the same.

The largest source of these kinds of jobs is places like Hollywood, New York and other venues were commercial films are made.


Test driver

Manufacturers in the car trade ask for workers to test drive new cars. The performance and safety standards need verification in countless cases. For instance, reporting to get 32 miles per gallon must be substantiated. Quality checks take place when one vehicle of many is checked for working turning signals, indoor lights and even defrost knobs.

Test drivers are needed for all sorts of different ones. An individual for a Porsche and one for a minivan are both test drivers. Although, the worker is not always able to choose the new car they drive. Linking up with right company makes a difference in what is being offered for examination.

Private chauffeur

This is not the same as working for a limousine company. Private chauffeurs are generally hired by an individual and drive the employer’s personal car. The challenging part of this position is interaction with the employer, but the chance to cruise around in a new car for a living is sometimes worth the trouble.

Most folks able to afford a private chauffeur are also wealthy enough to invest in a new vehicle more often than the average person. This means a new car is purchased faster than the average person. In some cases a loyal employee gets the old one (not old by average standards) at a special price or as a bonus.

The new Chevy Camaro is stunning. Imagine tooling around in this baby.
The new Chevy Camaro is stunning. Imagine tooling around in this baby.

Education needed

Education and expertise when it comes to driving a car are not necessarily the same for each job. In other words, if the job is sales for automobiles the skills required differs from someone driving for commercials or movies.

A basic driver’s license is the only real tool needed. College credits based on automobile engineering aid in specific cases were engineering skills are needed. This is not a requirement for most of the prospects listed here.

In conclusion

In nearly all cases a car is not given away as a part of the benefits package. There are exceptions. Although the typically rule of thumb is putting it in with a huge discount to purchase it or even leasing several over time.

One of the biggest hurdles to cross for most interested parties is having a clean driving record. This is important for the obvious reason, insurance. Whether this is paid by the company or the individual worker, the cost must not be prohibitive to employment. The cleaner a person's driving record the better.

Chevy has a wonderful line of cars coming out in 2016. This is a taste of what they offer and what someone could be driving.

Iroc Z is making its comeback.
Iroc Z is making its comeback.
The El Camino is one of the favorites of Chevy fans. It has not been seen in almost 20 years.
The El Camino is one of the favorites of Chevy fans. It has not been seen in almost 20 years.
Chevy Camaro looking sporty and good.
Chevy Camaro looking sporty and good.

Driving the cab or the lorry means the means of transportation is one of the biggest drawbacks. There is no new car smell, no second stares of envy from people passing by and no excitement every morning to jump into a new car to make a living for today.

© 2015 smcopywrite


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