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How do I apply for a new NBI Clearance?

Updated on November 29, 2011

Go to the nearest NBI Clearance office and follow the steps for new applicants:

1. Get an application form and fill-out required data;

2. Have data checked at the Data Check Counter;

3. Pay the corresponding clearance fee;

4. Fingerprinting;

5. Image Capture; and

6. Date Entry

If you have no namesake, your clearance certificate will be released at the Releasing Counter on the same date of application. Present your Official Receipt for the printing of the certificate. This is also true in all NBI Offices, be it regional, district or satellite.

If you have namesake, you will be advised to return after three (3) days to either claim you NBI Clearance certificate or be interviewed at the Quality Control. In other NBI Offices, you will be advised to return after seven (7) working days or a maximum of ten (10) working days.

What are the requirements in applying for NBI Clearance?

For new applicant, two (2) valid I.D.'s are required.

For renewal application, bring the original previous copy of NBI clearance certificate. Photocopy of the certificate is not allowed.

What are the valid I.D.'s accepted by the NBI?

The following I.D's will be accepted by the NBI:

1. Voter's ID

2. SSS I.D.

3. PRC License

4. Company I.D.

5. Valid Passport

6. Senior Citizen I.D.

7. Postal I.D.

8. GSIS I.D.

9. Driver's License

10. School I.D. with Registration Record

11. ACR (for Aliens)

12. PhilHealth I.D.


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    • profile image

      kioko 3 years ago

      Just curious. Why are there two copies of nbi clearance given? Can I use both as long as it is within the valid date? Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

    • profile image

      ESRA 3 years ago

      How about police clearance id? do they consider it or not? please answer.

    • profile image

      gerald rivera 3 years ago

      police clearance is it needed

    • profile image

      Grey 4 years ago

      do they accept police clearance?

    • ificallyoumine profile image

      Mark Llego 5 years ago from Philippines

    • ificallyoumine profile image

      Mark Llego 6 years ago from Philippines

      National Bureau of Investigation

    • Mikelikesu1954 profile image

      Mikelikesu1954 6 years ago from SC

      What is NBI?