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How to Get into Voice Acting Business

Updated on June 10, 2013

Have you ever dreamt of hearing your voice in the Saturday morning cartoons? Or perhaps in that classy car commercial? Then you are dreaming of having a career in the voice acting business. But going into the voice acting is not as simple as it may sound and you will need more than the winning attitude. In this article you are going to learn what you need to do in order to achieve your voice acting dream.

The Demo CD

The first thing you need is a great demo cd. And when I say great, I mean that you need a demo cd that sounds professional. Why is it so important to have a demo cd that sounds professional? Your cousin has a nice computer and a separate microphone with it and it sounds pretty good, so why should you spend your money on something that you would get for free? If the sound quality isn’t professional, the casting directors assume that you are not serious about your future in voice acting and they will throw your demo cds into the bin faster than you can send them. Your demo cd is the main reason why casting directors give you a job (or why they won’t!). So do yourself a favor and use a professional studio to do your demo cd. It will cost more but the sound quality will be excellent and you will get directions from the professional soundmen who work in the studio.

Now that you have decided to go to a professional studio (hopefully!), you’ll face the most difficult question on your way to fulfill your voice acting dream. What on Earth are you going to put on your demo cd?! But before we dive into that topic, we should talk about the length of the recording. The length of the recording is obviously going to influence the content of it. It shouldn’t be too long because casting directors have to listen hundreds of demo cds in order to find the right voice for their job. The optimal length would be something from 1.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes. So try to aim to that.

Now we are really ready to talk about the content of the demo cd. This is your time to shine so make sure that you present all your best voices (best being the key word). The voices you record should be different from each other because the casting directors don’t want to hear your 10 best witch voices. Try doing a voice for a child, for an older woman (or man) or if you can do any special accents show off with them too. Show how versatile you can be. But don’t only change the voices but also change the situations and settings where your voices are located.

Getting A Voice Actor Agent

Not everybody agrees that voice acting agencies are useful but I think that it’s better to have a voice acting agent than don’t have one. The most difficult part is actually finding one. And it’s even more difficult to find a good one. You can start by searching voice acting agencies online but if you have any kind of connections to the voice acting business, I suggest that you start from there. It’s always easier to get an agent if you have some kind of connection to him than it is to contact a complete stranger. If you want to make connections but don’t know anybody, you should attend talent fairs. There you can meet dozens of agents looking for new talents and if you get lucky, you can meet your new agent. Just make sure that you have plenty of copies of your brand new demo cd with you so you can hand it out to anybody who seems interested.

Getting The Needed Work Experience

At the beginning of your career you don’t actually have any kind of work experience and your cv will look short and sad. Everybody has been in that situation sometimes before but it doesn’t make it acceptable. So you will need to do something in order to fill up your cv with relevant work experience. A good place to start is contacting art schools. Art students (especially those who work with videos and audio) often need people to do voice overs for their projects. You probably won’t get paid at all because they are students and they could probably find another student to do that for them but you will get work experience that you can add into your cv.

Keep your eyes open for classifieds too because sometimes you can find voice acting jobs from classified pages. Just be careful with those because while there are some real job offers out there, there are also many scams. They shouldn’t need your picture for anything and never go anywhere alone or without telling somebody.


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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      what a very interesting career field to look into.