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How to Handle a Communications Issue at Work

Updated on September 5, 2014

Lost in the Pile, Maybe

One of my main points of struggle with Communication is in the area of employment. Some of my legitimate concerns such as schedule, advancement opportunity, raises, wages, on the job training are difficult for me to get a handle on when it comes to broaching any of the subjects with my immediate supervisor. As some industries go, mine can be a fast paced, constantly demanding environment with little down time or opportunity to team build or socially as much on a social level as I would prefer it. I remember training and orientation early on that encouraged the employees, like myself, to engage in communication with the company HR contact for serious matters as well as getting to know the individual and the process involved in Corporate Communication.

I feel as though my company has gotten it right when it comes to early on orientation sessions that allow introductions to be made between middle, lower and upper management. Personally, I don't understand the process involved in how to take full advantage of company benefits or assets such as HR contacts, to name a few. Or, perhaps, I'm simply doing the small steps that lead to a greater understanding of such endeavors as Corporate Communication.


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