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How to Improve Your Communication Skills?

Updated on November 2, 2015
Improve communication skills
Improve communication skills | Source

Sometimes many people find it hard to understand how to improve communication skills, and in most cases it is very simple to see why. Some people find it uncomfortable to interact with others and in most cases fear going outside of their communication comfort zone. While in other cases, some people are not aware that they should improve their communication skills. The improvement process requires one to evaluate his individual existing skills and then determine where he should make changes and the most important is how to do the improvement task.

Before considering any improvement strategy, you have to understand the four macro-skills of communication. These include writing, speaking, reading and listening. People develop communication skills over a period of time after several hours of interaction with other people. During such development, people unfortunately understand and learn bad habits, which are normally difficult to break.

It is advisable to learn how to improve on your communication skills because in some cases, a person’s communication skills can suffer confined development at young age, such a person who enters adulthood while lacking effective interaction skills. Some people argue that a person’s personality dictates his communication style and set his interaction skill, however, communication development can influence your personality. Your communication skill and style form your public image and concept of self-identity. An improved communication skill will improve the perception of those people around you and improve your connection with them.

Self-improvement is a very important phase in the development process of an individual, and there are many things to consider when one proactively seeks to correct personal shortcomings. Before you decide on how you want to improve on your communication skills, it is important to consider the reason why you want to have change. Effective interpersonal communication is very important if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, and the effort to improve it is a good start. For example, how many hours every day do you spend interacting and communicating with the people around you? With your partner when you wake up? With the bus driver, while heading to work? With the cashier at your bank? Your roommate next to you when discussing the days assignment? When receiving direction on what you are supposed to do from your boss? The list is endless.

Here are a Few Simple Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

  • You should take some time to note you communication style with the people around you. Examine your speaking style including volume, tone and diction. Study your writing style including grammar and spelling, vocabulary and neatness.
  • Identify conflicts, problems and contradictions in how you communicate with the people around you. The trouble areas should be the focus of your improvement plan.
  • Discover situations where you might feel comfortable but you do not feel comfortable implementing change.
  • Adjust the objectives which already exist to contain the discovered short-term goals.
  • Identify opportunities where you can practice while looking for avenues which you can get feedback throughout the process. This will help you rate and grade your progress.
  • It is important to remain patient throughout the entire process of self-improvement because it can take some time. For those people who feel that they require a helping hand in any of the steps, they can get help from assistance templates and programs available. Many professional counselors and academic institutions offer seminars and courses which provide training on communication skills. Also there are many online communication test which help people to assess their weaknesses and strength.
  • After making the effort and determining how you can improve your communication skills, below are some simple recommendations which can guide you through the enlightening process;
  • When speaking, ensure that you move at an appropriate and steady pace, use pauses when required and try to enunciate some words so that you don’t slur.
  • When speaking, your focus should be on the appropriate volume, include volume changes and appropriate tone when necessary.
  • Prepare yourself for speaking events and engagements. If you experience prolonged pauses or breakdowns in such occasions, take that opportunity to brush it up.
  • For written documents, ensure that you proofread your final copies.

All these are important to anyone who is looking for how to improve communication skills.

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    • profile image

      Kishor 2 years ago

      hi bittermelon,你好,謝謝你的回覆 我先講小小宜家工作緊的公司背景:是一間green tech start up,公司大部人是engineers,只有我一個人負責buissens side tasks.因為我們幫客開發產品,每個項目都有一個預算 宜家老闆想睇下budget 同實際支出有多大分別 我在這處已經糊塗,究竟應該用accrual Basis還是 Cash basis 如果用accrual ,就是4月budget 對比4月actual buissens activities,如果是cash,就是4月budget對比3月的收入和四月實際支出...老闆的意見是採用Accrual basis, 唔好有延遲 我自己就是概念未諗得透徹,希望聽下有豐富工作的前輩的意見

    • profile image

      Balkesh 2 years ago

      Hi Echo其實你講既cash flow report係咪指cash flow foseract report? 其實來來去去都係個D items,所以本本書都差唔多. Report做得好唔好,主要係睇你做既assumption 同埋 foseract 準唔準. 要兩者做得準, 先決條件係你能攞到足夠既information比你去做. 例如retail shop 既人工, 你要做cash flow foseract做得準, 除咗只工每月既底薪外,你可能仲要估計埋佣金既支出,而佣金又同銷售掛鉤,所以你又要估計revenue既收入有多少. 要做呢D估計, 除咗過往既history data外, 相關部門例如sales dept等既幫助就少不了.

    • dhimanreena profile image

      Reena Dhiman 3 years ago

      It is inevitable to have good communication skills in order to survive and thrive in today's fiercely competitive world. In fact, irrespective of the nature of a business or job, every person should possess good communication skills. Your hub has explicitly detailed all required ingredients of good communication skills. I enjoyed while reading this.