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How to Increase Google Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR)

Updated on May 20, 2013

Several people believe that to start earning a huge amount of money from Google Adsense, they just have to put Google Adsense ads on their websites. This is the prime mistake most people make. I also believed so when I signed up Google Adsense account. But without good quality content and high traffic Adsense is a big dumb. If you want to increase your Adsense revenue then you have to concentrate on Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate). Increase in CTR means a lot to Adsense income. Here are a few tips for increasing your CTR.

Google Adsense palcement heatmap

Taking care of the ads

This is the foremost thing you should do to achieve success in Adsense. You should check whether your ads are relevant to your website content or not. If ads are irrelevant then there is less possibility of getting clicks. Then what should you do to deal with this problem? Here are the tips:

• Use free keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get a better idea on keywords related to your topic. This will suggest you rich quantity of keywords related to the topic with its popularity.
• Focus on one topic on page; don’t offer two – three unrelated topics on same page.
• Mark keywords in your content as bold or italic. Don’t do this more than 2-3 times otherwise search engine will assume that you are spamming.
• Use keywords in your page title like “How SEO helps in Adsense Revenue”.
• Place your article title in header tag H1 and use some keywords.

Adsense ads look

Make your site simple and attractive, use lighter color theme and blend your ads with site color scheme.

For instance, if site background color is white, customize your ads border and background color to white as well.

Use image smartly

Image attracts eyes so use it smartly with wide ads (336x280, 300x250 or 250x250) and skyscraper (120x600 and 160x600). Because these ad formats are the best performing.

Always use Link Unit

Always use at least on Link Unit ad on your page and try to place it near your navigation menu. Visitors will mistake it as a navigation menu and will click it. If your ads are closely relevant to your content, there's big possibility they will click it.

Use Google Search Box

Embed Google Search Box in your website. However this will not significantly increase your CTR but can fetch sum extra bucks. You don't need to develop your own search algorithm, let Google handles it.

Increase site traffic.

In order to increase your web traffic firstly you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then submit your website to several search engines, directories, and free articles directories. Also do backlinks to your own article.

Be specific. 

If you have many interests, do not mix them in a single website. You better create different websites for each of them. For example, you like cricket, cooking and gardening. Do not put them together into a single website because it will make it too general. You better create three different websites for each of them. This will make them more specific, has more targeted visitors and your keywords will not be diluted.

Apart from these many webmasters and SEO persons suggest using high paying keywords but these are highly competitive and this stiff competition may discourage new publishers. Try using popular keywords like 300-400 searches per day. This may be less paying keywords but for new publisher it’s a good start.

If you are a novice Google Adsense publisher then you need to be patient. You won't become a millionaire within a night. Adsense earning takes time unless you already have huge amount of traffic.


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    • marieu profile image

      marieu 6 years ago from Lansing

      I am going to try out all your suggestion thanks will you add me as your friend

    • profile image

      CILRecruitment2011 6 years ago

      Article is quite helpful for newbie Adsense publishers no doubt. Thanks to Rajkishore.

    • timsaluja profile image

      timsaluja 7 years ago from India

      blend your ads colors with site colors . without scrolling only ads should be visible ...thats it ....nothing else.

    • profile image

      Make Money Online 7 years ago

      These are all very valid points some times improving your CTR can be done by making simple or subtle changes to your layouts and colour schemes.

      Thanks for sharing this information with the community

    • profile image

      search engine guide 8 years ago

      Thanks for posting there are many different things to learn on this subject, im happy to have come across your information