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How to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Website

Updated on September 5, 2011
want revenue from your website? know how to increase its page rank on Google
want revenue from your website? know how to increase its page rank on Google

Owning a website is in fact a very effective way of earning income. There are lots of options that web owners can choose if they want to earn revenue by means of their website. One good example is advertising program. By simply placing advertisements on their website, they will be eligible to gain money if there are any visitors who click on any of the advertisements. One very recommended advertisement program is the AdSense program which is owned and managed by the main search engine company, Google. Another alternative is to take part in affiliate marketing program. This means that the web owners only have to put links to products sold by their affiliates. And, if there are any visitors that purchase the products sold by the affiliates, the web owners will earn a commission. Amazon Affiliate program is one very good choice in this case.

Google Page Rank

Unfortunately, before the web owners will be able to make effective use of either the advertising or the affiliate marketing program, there is one crucial prerequisite. It is a must that their website has a high rank on search engines. However, this is not an easy task to carry out but once the web owners succeed, all they have to do is simply sit back and relax waiting for the revenue of their website to increase over time.

With that being said, it is of utmost importance that web owners really take into account how they can increase or raise their website’s Google page rank. Well, there are several things they can do in order to achieve this particularly important purpose.

Forum Joining

To start it off, they can take part in forums. As a matter of fact, forums often turn out to be the best medium available for web owners to gain higher popularity for their website. One thing that is very beneficial about forums is that the members are usually allowed to have their very own signature. In this signature, web owners are normally allowed to put links that point to their own website. This way, the search engines will see that there are more links that point to their website and will thus rank the website higher.

Use of Ezine

The second thing that web owners may also do is create ezine newsletters or advertisements. Better yet, they can create ezine that gives their visitors the option to opt-in to the ezine. That way, if there are any updates performed by the web owners, their visitors will know and, hopefully, will come back to their website again. Web owners can submit their ezine information to the ezine directories that are widely spread over the internet. Here, as well, web owners can make use of signature as a place to put link to their website. Keep in mind that the more links that search engines find linking to a particular website, the higher the rank of the website will be.


The next way to gain a higher page rank is through article writing and publishing. By writing and publishing articles, web owners can always expect to gain new visitors or traffic to their website. However, of course, the articles need to have high quality otherwise they won’t seem to be attractive. When they are done writing articles, the web owners can choose whether to publish those articles on their own website or on article directories. If they put them on the article directories online, the web owners will need to use back links, again, to their website.

Back Links from Other Sites

Last but not least, one very good way to achieve higher search engine rank is to receive back links from other related websites. For example, if a web owners owns a website that has gadget as its main subject, he can try requesting links from other gadget websites. However, though, this is one of the most difficult task to carry out. Why? Firstly, because the owners of those related websites may not be interested at all in the website requesting links. They may simply consider that the website is not important, at least not at the moment. Secondly, the owners of those related websites may not be online so often. As a result, they may not even know at all that there is a website requesting their links. Lastly, they may incidentally – or purposely – delete the emails of the web owners requesting links when they try to delete spam emails they have in their inbox folder.


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