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How to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Updated on June 19, 2013

Many bosses wonder about how they can inspire their employees to be loyal to them. You hear it time and again bosses complaining that they have to deal with a bunch of job hoppers all the time and that they are tired of it. However, not many of these employers actually consider the reasons behind this annoying behavior.

If you as an employer want loyalty from your employee you need to act appropriately in order to inspire that type of positive behavior. So how do you make the employee feel that it would suit their best interests to stay working for you? Simple. Treat them the way you would like to be treated yourself as an employee or at least try to provide some incentives so that people won't be tempted to leave your company and look for a better deal elsewhere.

As for me personally, I look for companies who offer lots of advancement opportunities, full benefits, a flexible schedule, and even possibly the opportunity to work from home. Also, I feel that businesses these days need to accommodate parenthood and maternity leave. On-site childcare, a gym membership, a lunchroom, and a beauty parlor would be nice. Some restaurants, snack machines, free coffee, company trips, and free training are always great.

Also, it would be nice if my boss gave me regular bonuses and gifts. I also enjoy parties and we should also have a match marking service. Our boss should provide discounts on our phone bill and subway fare. Discounts on restaurants and retail stores is also appreciated.

The working environment should be positive and encouraging. I want to fee valued and appreciated. I should be getting a comfortable wage where I can live in a nice neighborhood, have a car, pay for my kids' education and childcare, and still have enough money for savings.

I would love to work for a company that has a comprehensive retirement plan and investment plans. Also, I want a company that would offer part time employment if the employee chooses to work less hours.


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