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How to Make Creative PowerPoint Presentations

Updated on January 18, 2019

Before you start, ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. What do you want people to do after your presentation? (At the end of your presentation, this should become obvious)
  2. What are the main findings of your presentation? (Formulate no more than five)
  3. How will your presentation help the audience make the right decision?

Use less text, more illustrations.

Besides that, it is important to keep uniformity. If in one case paragraphs begin with a capital letter, in all other cases they should begin with a capital letter too; if the point after the thesis is absent - let it be the general rule.

Stick to the selected alignment and text location.

Follow the chosen font size and do not get carried away by different fonts, trying to make your PowerPoint presentation "more interesting". It is optimal if there are no more than three fonts in general.

Use visual supports for assimilating abstract ideas.

If you cannot use a million numbered items to summarize the presentation on your slides, then what should be on them? Visual images. Charts, informational pictograms, explaining schemes, and proof diagrams will demonstrate your facts clearly and help support them.

Do not forget to use photos that emotionally affect the audience and make your arguments more memorable.

Visual metaphors are a powerful way to use images. Do not tell your customer that thanks to your plan, new subscribers will fly to them like bees to honey. Illustrate the same idea with an image that will remain in memory.

Select the main focal point, remove all the rest in the background.

Use techniques that help to perceive information better. One of the main techniques of design: contrast, separation, and opposition. Do not mix up text and picture, contrast them.

No one will require from you to have specific artistic skills, but to understand the general stylistic principles of modern design is useful. Some of them are also applicable for presentations: minimalism, functionality, intrigue, non-standard geometry.

Remove everything unnecessary form your PowerPoint presentation:

- the text and excessive decorations. Ask yourself about each element: is it needed? What is its function? What will the audience lose if deleted? "Pictures to attract attention", which have nothing to do with the content of the presentation, almost never look good. Correctly selected image deepens the understanding of the material and doesn’t distract from it.

Use animation

Use animation not "to make it more fun" but to improve the whole understanding. Animation helps to dispense information in a graduated way, without overloading the viewer, and also visually show the changes on the slide. However, if the animation is not connected with the content, don’t use it.

There is a big difference between your statement that the cost will be reduced by 20% and a chart or graph that will clearly demonstrate how it will look in the language of the figures. This will help translate the idea from the world of abstract concepts into the realm of real facts. And do not stop at traditional visual supports. 1998 was a long time ago:) Remember that the stylish ideas of today's presentations are different from the stylish ideas of twenty or ten years ago. Transfer your presentation to the modern world, including a variety of visual elements. The use of graphics, emoji, and even gif animations, where appropriate, will help to modernize your presentation and breathe life into it.

Here is an example of one of our most popular PowerPoint templates, Multipurpose Bundle 2 in 1. It has a variety of slides with innovative design, including charts, tables, infographics, and much more.


The human brain is created to react to stories automatically. We perceive and understand the facts of the surrounding world with the help of a story. Instead of outlining your findings in the form of a chain of facts (budgets, numbers, summaries) that will drive even the most positive-minded audience mad, write a story of your facts.

Use professional design with attractive layouts for photos and graphics to help the audience achieve visual contact with your story.

One more advice

Another one advice to compose a creative presentation is to add some music.

Perhaps you haven’t seen it in all presentations, but the influence of music on a person is proved by science. According to a study conducted by Ronald A. Berk:

Music embedded throughout a PowerPoint presentation can sustain attention while slipping the content into long-term memory.

— Ronald A. Berk at Johns Hopkins University

This information is not new. We've all known this for decades. How many films with no music have you watched recently? Zero. As soon as we learned to voice movies, we do not just record dialogues, we add music. It sets the tone, creates the necessary emotional effect and gives viewers more interest.

And the most important and obvious advice is the following: after completing the preparation, review the result of your work in the slideshow mode: it will be easier to determine if it is unnecessarily prolonged and whether the structure is successful.

I advise you to adopt these constructive ideas to make your PowerPoint presentation creative and more interesting. Would you do it differently after reading this article?

Would you like to share other creative ideas for presentations with me? If yes - let me know!

© 2019 Lana Miro


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