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How to Make Easy Moneyfast!!

Updated on August 13, 2016

How to Make Fast Money


My Story

If you are viewing this page right now is that you are really looking to make some quick cash, right? Don't worry you are the right place, Before explaining you quick ways to earn money i am going to tell you my story and why did i made this blog. My name is Mamady T, I am 16 years old and just like you i was on a grind to get some dollars $$$.The first thing that went to my mind about how i could possibly make money was through the web (like many of your guys) it simple, you just need a laptop and internet and there you go easy breezy money, but was it really that easy? The answer is NO!! Making money over the internet is not easy at all, trust me. From the one and million survey's site and online rating site that i have tried none of them is worth it (expect if your really have time to wait and would like to wait 1 year or more intill you could get maybe hmm lets seee... 100$) But luckily there are other alternative to make easy money online or the go (#real jobs)

The Most Important Thing you need To Know


Achieving your Goal will be a long Journey and you will need these to succeed:

  1. First of all it will not be easy so if your not ready to work hard you might just want to comeback when your ready but remember this there is always a way out Always!!!
  2. Secondly, you need to have a excellent work ethic and be organized. Try surfing the web to learn more about what you want and even maybe something (you never know what the future hold's)
  3. Be professional in what you are doing. If you go and do a sloppy work than your result will be the same , go out there and act with determination and perseverance trust me the result will come maybe not directly but oh yes it will.
  4. For the fourth and last advice, never let the downfall's destroy you. We all have the potential of doing something big in live. We just need to suck it up and rise when there no light because trust me at the end there is always a light.

Choose your way

How do you want to make money

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Hmm Let's Seee 0_0

If you took any of the first two answer then you are at the right place. Really witch other way do you have in mind making free money? Oh yeah! that other thing that we all know about. it start with (P and finishes by N) have fun :)

#1 Online money

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Top site for online Money

Here are two of the best site that i use to get easy online money!$$

  1. The first one is Vindale . Vindale is a online money making site were your earn money by taking surveys (quality surveys). It is easy to sign up and you get 2$ free just for that, you can also get more money by referring your friends , 5$ per friends. That is alot of $$$.
  2. The second site is a also a web cash site were you get money by typing captcha. It is one the most easiest job on the internet but you need to have quick hands, You can your cash via Paypal or other payment methods. Best choice <:)>

Find Work/Job


Indeed is the Way

If you are looking for any jobs Indeed is the best site for that!!

Just paste Indeed in your search engine, click the original link et voila. With over 100,000 jobs offers you will find the right jobs for you with Indeed , trust me




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