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How to Make Money - Earn $150 For 2 Hours Work A Day!

Updated on July 14, 2012

If you want to know how to make $150 in two hours work per day then read this entire hub as it will give you a step by step formula that produces great results on how to make money.

This hub will reveal how to make money online without having a website, product or service. Before I continue I want to assure you that the method involved in this making money project is completely legal and you will not be expcted to sell anything or persuade anyone to buy products, it's not mlm, or direct selling, and you won't have to spend money on expensive advertising or marketing campaigns.

Now that I've got all that out of the way I will explain exactly what it is you will be doing to make money.

Ways to Make Extra Money

The method I refer to and from which you can make money is Writing. It is a quick and easy way to start making money online.

I will refer to three specific areas of writing that have been proven to generate an income; Article Writing, Blogging and Freelance Writing.

The Basics of Writing for a Living

Article Writing is obviously a method where you write articles and submit them to article directories. They way you make money is dependent on what directory you are affiliated to. For example here at Hubpages once your article is published it will have advertising from Google Adsense,Amazon, eBay and other hubpage partners displayed in and around your article; when anyone clicks on one of their ads you will receive a percentage of the revenue made. Many other article directories offer the same shared revenue fund, whilst some offer resource boxes where you can display links to your affiliate programs.

Blogging for cash is a popular method to make money. The main aspect of blogging is that you choose an interesting subject and provide information that many people are looking for. You can also promote your affiliate links, add Google Adsense and Amazon links to your blog and earn commission from sales made.

As a Freelance writer you can write articles for people who need content for their web pages or blogs. The rate of pay is usually between $3 to $10 per article depending on the word count and your skills. There is quite a lot of freelance writing work available especially as thousands of new websites are created every day on the world wide web, websites that need content, which you could be able to provide.

Writing online can provide a very lucrative income provided you follow a few simple guidelines, on which I will give more information on later in this article.

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Money

In order to reach the level where you are making $150 or more for two hours work you have to first of all put in the ground work. I would not try to kid you and say that you will be making $150 for two hours work by tomorrow, but by taking action and putting the steps detailed below into practice you will be making such money in no time.

As a writer you have to build your credibility as a good writer who writes articles and blogs with great content, up-to-date, and accurate information. For example, you have to be in the position where if your name were typed into Google search the results would reveal your portfolio of work, who you've written for and testimonials about the calibre and excellence of your writing talent.

Please don't be put off by what I've just said but I want to be honest with you and not buildd up your hopes that you will be an overnight sensation. Nevertheless it is possible to build up your credibility quite quickly by consistently writing articles and submitting them to the top directories for publishing.

Step 1

Join Article Directories:

The top 5 are:

  2. Hubpages
  3. Squidoo
  4. Suite

Step 2

Set up your blogging accounts:

  3. Set up your own blog site

The way in which you make money from blogging is through monetizing your account. is more adaptable to this and will allow you to add Google Adsense, Amazon links and personal affiliate links to your blog page. Wordpress does not allow any monetizing such as Google Adsense but you can add affiliate links. However, if you have control of your own blog you can monetize it to your heart's content!

To set up your own blog you will need a domain name which will cost you a few dollars to set up the web server that will host your blog. It is worth it because for as little as $20 a year you have total freedom to blog about what you want and advertise whatever product or service you offer, plus Google Adsense, Amazon, and Ebay links.

If you don't mind being bound by the terms and conditions of Blogger, then there will not be any financial outlay and you can get started right away with your blog being online in 30 minutes.

Join Google Adsense and Amazon so that you can add these money making links to your blog site.

Step 3

Make a List. On a piece of paper itemize your personal special interests, ranging from hobbies, to sports, to favorite authors and movie stars, to education and gadgets etc. List every subject that you can think of that interests you, no matter how slight, you can still write at least 400 words on it. A chosen subject could be work-related if you like. Let's say you're a Probate Lawyer. What about writing a short article (400 to 750 words) on the basic steps of writing a Will? If gardening is one of your hobbies, you could write about how to create a floral border that will bloom each spring.

So get listing, you may be surprised at the number of topics you can write about.

Step 4

Research: When you are out shopping take a little time to browse themagazine racks and check out which magazines correspond to your interests. Choose two or three that interest you the most, to start with. Take them home and study them in depth. Look at the general style of writing, the average length of the articles in each magazine and what special feature columns they have? Think about where your material would fit best. Is there a unique angle that you could cover? For example, the subject of diabetes would fit into the health and wellness sector, and you could write a specific angle such as diabetes and neuropathy rather than diabetes generally as numerous articles have been written on this subject and it is also very competitive.

Once you have decided on the subjects you are going to write about it is essential that you research what keywords people are entering into the search engines so that you can include those keywords and phrases in your article or blog.

Google Keyword Research

Using the Google Keyword Tool you should look for keyword phrases that have a lot of activity but little competition. For example for the search of 'weight loss', you will find that it has a lot of activity but also a lot of competition. But if you look further you will find the keyword phrase,' weight loss after pregnancy'. It is still a popular keyword phrase but carries a lot less competition.

To find these keywords will less competition is easy. Enter the search term in the Google keyword tool, choose which country you want the results from and when the results are returned you will see 3 boxes on the left hand side of the page,tick the 'exact' box. This will give you an accurate number of searchers made for the keyword you have queried. NEVER take results from the 'broad term' because it will give an exagerrated figure of the keyword searched. For example, the keyword 'weight loss' will return results for every search on the word 'weight' and 'loss' invidually plus, the search result my not have any relevance to weightloss. i.e. 'Cure for hair loss.'

To find out how much compeition there is for a keyword click the filter keywords box and choose from ''competition,' 'global monthly searches' and 'local monthly searches'. Choose 'competition' and Google will ask you what type of competition you want to search, low, medium or high, pick low.

The objective is to stay within the popular niche markets because they will be more profitable, but it is for you to research even further and find keyword phrases that are consistently used but have fewer competitors.

Step 5

Write Your Article: For the first few articles choose subjects that you know best.This is a good process to follow before venturing outside to research subjects you are not familiar with.

Draft an article, and write in a language as if you are explaining your subject out loud to a friend. Revise the article until it is approximately a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 700. (500 words is the accepted median number).

SEO Optimization

Use some SEO Optimization techniques within the article. This will help with search engine recognition and improve the rank of your article.

  • Use the chosen keywords in the url of your article
  • Enter the chosen keywords in the title of your article. The first 3 to 4 words determines how successful your article will be in the search engines so far as web traffic is concerned.
  • Enter the chosen keywords or phrase in the first paragraph of the article
  • Use subheadings after the first paragraph, and ensure that they are in bold
  • Label pictures with keywords

NB: Do not over use the keyword/phrase in the narrative. This is frowned upon by the search enginges and directories and viewed as spam, plus when you overplay keywords it makes your article/blog unreadable and messy.

Step 6

Submit Your Article To Directories and Blog Accounts

Once you have drafted, revised and edited your article it is time to submit it to the article directories and blog accounts you opened earlier.

You should have signed up free to the top 5 article directories but there are hundreds of other directories that you can submit your articles to and gain further exposure. Submitting manually can be tedious and time consuming, so may want to consider an article submission software that can automate your submissions.

I recommend one in particular submission service that leverages the power of article marketing.

  • It creates unique content derived from an article database.
  • The articles created from the database are then submitted to hundreds of article directories via a submitter script.
  • It usessing the power of Taguchi based optimization efforts, every campaign has undergone a rigorous amount of split testing to ensure maximum conversion rates and sales.
  • It is the Article Submitter

Step 7 - Market Your Freelance Skills

There are plenty of people out there who need things written, CVs, resume, web content, articles, blogs, ebooks etc.

As a freelance writer this is where you come in. If you can promote your services to the people who need them, you can bring in a lot of work and equally make a lot of money.

Sign up with online freelance services where you can build up your portfolio and bid fon projects. Once you have built up a good reputation and people testify to the professionalism and quality of your work you will be inundated with work and money!

Listed below are some Freelance Writing Services that offer jobs:


NB: Avoid any freelance service that ask for a subscription to join their program and obtain access to a job. You should not have to pay money to get a job or assignment. These type of websites are usually scams.


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    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      You're welcome deepak2u

    • joym7 profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      great work.

    • unknown spy profile image

      Life Under Construction 

      6 years ago from Neverland

      will try to visit your suggested site... i think i never heard of suite101/ Thanks for the info.. ":)

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      6 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand


      This is all very useful information to me. I wish I would have seen this hub earlier. Thanks for sharing these tips. Voted up and sharing with followers.

    • torrilynn profile image


      6 years ago

      really great hub. i think this shall surely help me in trying to make more money.thanks. voted up and sharing.

    • deepak2u profile image

      Govind Deepak Kumar 

      6 years ago from Telangana,INDIA

      very good article , thanks for sharing the links with us !

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from London, England

      Thank you i4u.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Useful and voted up!

      Good information based on real facts.

      Straight to the point writing.

      Enjoyed reading it.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from London, England

      Thanks SEO, I will re-check the links and provie more up-to-date ones.

    • seotechnology profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Nice post. Very useful. I have gone through the sites you have mentioned. I think there are some changes to the sites mentioned at the end. The last link freelancers-wanted s a parked domain now. And the first one redirects to Vworkers. I think you can update them.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Jagandelight

      Yes I do. You will find articles of mine at ezine articles, squidoo and infobarrel and at In order to make money you have to write for at least a couple outlets.



    • jagandelight profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Do you write on any of these sites you have mentioned in this hub?

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Jagandelight

      Thanks for the comment. I wanted to write a hub on this subject that was easy and simple for readers to take steps to start writing and making money.



    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub. Voted it up and useful, you gave good detail and it was easy to follow and make sense of it, thanks a lot.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi BKCreative

      Thanks for your comment.

      I hear what you are saying about everything being in disarray and then getting overwhelmed by it all. The only way to overcome that is by being organized and putting things in order. If you take a day or so to organize your time, write a schedule and stick to the times you've committed to writing, home, family and rest, you will not have to worry about the money coming in to pay the bills because you've allocated time to make the money.

      Good lucky anyway and don't procrastinate in organizing yourself.



    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Jannthomassen

      Thanks for your comment.



    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      This is so nicely laid out and orderly.

      I think part of the problem so many of us have is being so scattered - then overwhelmed and things just don't get done. I know this often happens to me. Hubpages has been a great source of passive income and I need to invest more time because the money does come. And I did start a blog...but need to invest more time - and well, then I have bills to pay and must write content to get paid right away - and on it goes with me knocking myself out instead of reaping the passive income. Whew!

      Well, soon I will get better organized. Progress is happening but I can do so much better. Thanks for the pep talk. Yay!

      And rated up!

    • jannthomassen profile image


      8 years ago from Norway

      Great hub; very useful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Thanks for your comment Powerpoe. I hope you will be able to use some of the steps to making money online.


    • Powerpoe1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Voted Up & Rated Useful~ Thanks for sharing techniques on how to make money online.


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