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How to Make Money Marketing Your Blog

Updated on April 24, 2011

When creating and nurturing your blog, part of the excitement is thinking about how much money it will make once the adsense is turned on and the traffic numbers start to climb. Adsense, Chitika, Kontera, affiliate products and other forms of monetization just need traffic – and the more content is published, the greater chance visitors will view it, become engaged with the content and hopefully click on income-producing links. Unfortunately, though, just because you build it, does not mean "they" will automatically come. Marketing is part of the package with blog creation and it is nothing more than a numbers game; you need to keep getting the word out there more often for more people to find, so that they come over to enjoy your blog.

Start Some New Marketing

Blog marketing, done well, is not an activity that provides limited income. The moneymaking potential of blogs is limited only by the amount of energy you put into developing quality content and spreading the word about it. Suppose you have already started a blog. You want to promote some specific products and services on your blog, and so far, you have been making a decent amount of pretty effortless money from it. Once your blog has some traction and you start seeing some dollars, it gets addicting. So, how do you make more? Start looking for other ways to market. Submit your blog to paid directories. Invest a little of the money you are making into advertising; pay someone to ghost-write a free e-book for you to offer based on your blog's niche. Pay to have more quality content produced with good key words and update your blog more often.

Generate Your Own Word of Mouth

Maybe your blog is not quite producing anything yet, money-wise….fortunately, many free blog-marketing tools and techniques exist to help. Here is an easy one: the comments section can serve as a powerful tool to bring visitors back to visit your blog. For example, take a niche blog that covers model airplanes. You have assembled a nice quality blog about model airplanes, and you want to share it with more visitors. Locate other blogs that focus on airplanes, airplane models, airplane photography, remote control airplanes, model airplane supplies, etc... Find the top blogs in your niche, or one close to it, that are already getting a ton of traffic and comments. Start leaving your own comments on these blogs, and make sure they are sincere, showing you have actually read and appreciate the site's content. Then add a back link in your comment to your blog. You have just created a way for other readers from these top blogs to get back to your blog. However, and I repeat, make sure your comments are quality comments or no one will be interested enough to click on the link back to your blog. This should not be a problem at all if you are focusing on blogs in the same or similar niche as yours. And here is where your own quality content on your blog pays off – when new visitors stop by, they may like your blog so much they bookmark it and come back to read it regularly.

A Promise to Your Readers

Make it a priority to update your blog's content on a regular basis. Once your readers know when to expect new articles or other goodies, they will come back to read the latest "How-to" or the updates on your newest model plane project. You could even tell your readers how often to expect updates. The only caveat – if you say you will update every three days, do it. Otherwise, you risk losing readers, since they do not feel they can depend on you to deliver the goods; fresh, new content on a regular basis is the lifeblood of your blog.

Consistency is Key

When you keep doing blog marketing activities consistently, the potential earnings are unlimited. The more time you spend refining your blog's content, coming up with new, interesting offerings and testing new marketing methods, the more money you will get out of it. Channel your passion into your blog, and your visitors will take notice. Keep building and marketing – and remember, it is just a numbers game.


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