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Ways to Make Money Online fast

Updated on December 21, 2010

Whatever It Is You Do


With the Christmas holiday approaching many will probably be looking for ways to make quick cash online to add to the Christmas shopping funding. While there are many ways to make money online you’re going to be looking for ways to make fast money online without having to wait for payouts with such things as Google AdSense.

Being an online Blogger and Freelancer myself, I can tell you that one of the fastest ways to make money online would be through a website called Elance. On Elance you can find many jobs no matter the profession you are and clients are always hiring.

Make money online doing what you dp best
Make money online doing what you dp best

Getting Started


The way Elance works is that you bid on the jobs that interest you and if your bid is selected at closing you complete the job and request payment which is in the form of PayPal or checks. I accept payment in the form of checks and have known my checks to arrive in two days tops. Many of the jobs are so simple to complete that they can be done within a day if you put in the time and what makes Elance such a good target for making that quick Christmas cash is that a large majority of the jobs are funded ahead of time and clients are always easy to work with.

It is very simple to create a profile on Elance and get started for free. Make sure your profile is very appealing and list all your skills, after that you shouldn’t have any problem landing one of many paid to write gigs or whatever it is that you do online while building a clientele of repeat business for the future.

Simply the Best


Elance is definitely the EBay of the online work field with payments guaranteed and you can take on as much work as you want with your free ten connects. If you want to take on more jobs adding more connects is very simple but the opportunity provided here is definitely worth your time and energy. Finding paid online jobs can be hard because of all the scammers out there these days but you don’t have to worry about that on Elance with verified payment methods placed before you accept a client’s job.


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