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How to Make Money Online – Kindle, Search Web, Reviews & More

Updated on July 19, 2015

Publishing kindle eBooks on Amazon

Making a clear statement of intent in this digital age, requires that you take a bold step and start sharing your message; you've got all it takes to achieve your goal ---- and your fingers, the keyboard and the awesome world of the Internet will help you to make that journey a seamless one.

You may not have considered yourself a writer, but at some point or the other, the thought of writing a book has crossed your mind----and even make some money along the way. And there has never been a better time to make that dream a reality than now.

The big question now is, how do you go about it? The answer is not farfetched---By writing and also publishing kindle eBooks on Amazon

As they say the world is a global village and the internet has played a big role towards this. You can practically close a deal right from the comfort of your home, with just an internet enabled computer. The same goes for making money on Amazon---you can make so much money if you know how to go about it. And with the Kindle app that makes life easier for you, the world is your oyster!

The most rational way to set off is by listing your book for sale at the rate of £1.49 – £6.99 and 70% of the sales is yours; Amazon is a great platform and buyers are always swarming in their numbers for that life changing kindle eBook.

The first thing that you must understand on this platform is the importance of value creation. What has really worked for most people is the writing of non-fiction with a dash of creativity in the mix. After you go through the hurdle of gathering essential information on a particular problem, and putting it together in a way that makes reading fun—in an eBook format--- buyers nod their head in affirmative after each purchase, attesting its quality after a few glance.

It’s also important to ensure you have a colorful eBook cover attractive enough to bring so many buyers your way. The moment your book is live, it becomes imperative to get some reviews in, and that can give you good ranking on Amazon search results; always endeavor to persuade readers to leave a review at end of the book.

What you must understand is that this can be a continuous stream of income once you have invested a substantial amount of time and resources, and this stream of income can be generated for a long time the moment it starts coming.

Search the web and get paid for it

How does it sound getting paid doing what you love best? Interesting isn’t. Well, it is truth; you can make money online doing what you love doing best, with no stress or hassles.

There are several sites that pay you for searching the web, and one of the notable ones is It is so simple to earn through this site. All you have to do is to have a add-on installed to your browser and you can search the web using Google and other major search engines, and some sponsored results might come along with your search.

Each and every search you conduct has a monetary reward attached to it and you can claim it by simply clicking on it. One of the perks you will love is that there are no restrictions placed on the amount of cashouts. If you so wish, you can donate to charity.

Social trading

Limitless opportunities now exist in the stock market and currencies, and the good thing about this is that the opportunities are right in your hands through free online trading platforms.

One of the platforms I have been experimenting with is and I have invested ample amount of time researching about them to exploit the platform in the best possible way I can think of. This platform has got more than 4 million users to its name and is gaining popularity by the day, little wonder it was featured on BB 2 documentary tagged “Traders: Millions by the Minute” , even the financial times also acknowledges its importance in this time and age.

This platform makes it easy for beginners to copy experienced traders with the Copy Trader feature. Your journey to the top can be made much easier when you copy from the best among the lot.

You can avail yourself resources like George’s complete guide on the eToro platform, to help you gain traction in a short while. A few dollars in the range of 200 might just be enough to get you started, while testing different markets. With this, you can kick-start your progress to the top.

Risks are involved though, and you could lose money in the process, but is not far different from that experience in a normal day-to-day business---just be cautious and you’ll be fine.

Get paid for reviewing websites and apps

Another great time to put your skill to good use; surf the web and get paid for it! It is as simple as that and I’m sure you will relish the idea in every way.

One of the websites that pays you for reviewing websites is usertesting .com. On this platform, you review all sort of websites within a 20 minute period and you earn $10 all the way.

The Disney vault

With Disney vault, you can practically turn a little amount of money into huge sum in some couple of years to come---between 8- 10 years. This is how it works; Disney Studios tries by every means necessary to keep a high demand for some of its home release classics by keeping them locked up in a “vault” for a period of one decade, or a little less than that after which they’re released for a limited period of time.

During this time, you can get them at a retail price and sell them off in 8-10 years to come and make profit.

Get Paid To’ Site

When you complete certain activities on GTP site , you get rewarded for it--- both in cash and vouchers. If you are quite synonymous with getting paid on online survey sites, then making money on this site shouldn’t be a problem.

The ones that have made a name for themselves are, Inboxpounds and also Paidoffers.

Setting up a site

The stories are numerous to mention of how so many successful entrepreneurs of today made it to the top after going through so many challenges. Some started off right from their university days, built a site, developed it , and later sold it for thousands of dollars. The one that readily comes to mind is Owen burke---the owner of Save the Student--- who transformed it into a successful enterprise couple of years after.

If you conduct your research properly, you’ll realized that it’s really not that hard making money online by setting up a website.

Sales of notes

A classic example of such site that allows you to make money selling notes is Notesale, and listing on this site is free; they take a fraction of your earnings to help you with the marketing of your notes; you don’t have to promote it yourself, it’s taking care of by the site.

PDF uploads are worth it for the return that come along with it, but you can also have handwritten notes submitted, but typing them brings in more money for.


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