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How to Make Money Online using Ebay and Amazon or Like Sites Work From Home

Updated on September 24, 2011

How to Make Money Online

If you are like me, times are tough. I am always looking for new ways to supplement my income. I have learned tricks over the trade and have been successful at making money online. I have built this up over the years, and made some mistakes along the way. I have gotten pretty good at making the money and I no longer am living check to check.

Lets start off learning about the sites. My two favorite sites are ebay, and Amazon. Ebay is different from Amazon in the way, that you can use the auction aspect of the site. Amazon, you can list an item and someone buys it. There is no auctioning.

I used both for different reasons. Amazon listing is easier. However if I want to sell old clothes and I want to get any amount of money for it, I will use ebay.

How to find products to sell

I first started on ebay by selling items around my house that I no longer needed. Id start off slow by looking at used clothing, or clothes with tags on it that you no longer wear anymore. Start listing a few items at a time. Having a picture makes a huge difference, and also having a very nice descriptive description. Walk around your home, and see what you can get rid of. What I used to do, is then go on ebay and see if anyone else was selling these items and how much. If it was worth it to me, i would list the item. It seems like it takes a while to list each item, but I promise, it gets easier and faster the more you do. I would list a few items, and start the bidding low. Make sure it is something that you dont mind selling for a few bucks. This will also build up your feedback. Feedback is very important in ebay. The selling might start slow at first, but you have to be patient. It gets faster, and easier I promise.

As for Amazon start by selling some books. look around your home, or go to garage sales and see what you can find. To list books on Amazon, all you need is the ISBN number and it is all set.

Once you start seeing sales come in, you will get the itch to sell more. Thats how I started and I am now a power seller. I have a full time job, and I come home and can hardly keep up with my sales, but my mortgage is paid up 5 months in advance because of it. Start slow, but you will gain huge rewards. Good Luck.


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