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How to Make Money by Repairing iPhones

Updated on September 3, 2014

What are LCD Separator Machines?

Make Money by Replacing Cracked Screens

Phones on the market such as iPhones and Androids are prone to cracked screens. They are easily damaged or even shattered with one drop to the ground. There is a whole booming repair industry out there making huge amount of profit by repairing these cracked screens. Every day the technology to repair these phones and tablets is advancing. Manufacturers are constantly trying to keep up with the new phones coming out by replicating the replacement screen assemblies so repair shops can buy them for much cheaper than the real replacements that some companies such as Apple do not even sell. So what happens if you are trying to capitalize on a new model of a phone that just came out? Most likely the replacement screen assembly is not yet available, yet a glass only replacement is. Imagine if you were the first in the repair industry to be able to repair these new models, ahead of your competition. Well I have just the solution for you.

There has been a breakthrough in the repair business and it is the LCD Separator Machine. Before I go over what exactly the separating machine does, let me tell you a little about the current screen assemblies that are on every phone and why this machine is such a huge value for the repair business.

Everyone knows somebody with a cracked screen.
Everyone knows somebody with a cracked screen.

History of LOCA Repair

Back in the day repair shops would replace the entire screen assembly of a phone. In almost 95% of the repairs, the lcd beneath the shattered glass was fully working. So why did the repair techs have to replace the whole unit with a high priced fully assembled one? The issue all stems from the way the glass is glued onto the lcd itself. Phone manufacturers use a special adhesive called LOCA. LOCA stands for Liquid optically-clear adhesive. This glue is not your typical adhesive. It is used because it works well with the touch interfaces that these phones use. The glue also only dried under UV light.

So why exactly couldn’t the repair shops separate the cracked screen and the lcd? The adhesive was simply way too strong to work with. Even with an industrial heat gun, there was no way of taking the cracked screen off without damaging the LCD or wasting hours. In the end, repair shops simply threw away the entire assembly with the working lcd instead saving the lcd and buying just the glass only.

The solution was simple, you would need a way to heat the screen assembly to a high temperature without damaging the lcd. The answer was simple; a hot plate. A hot plate that you can adjust the temperature of to get to a point where it could melt the LOCA glue so you could take off the cracked glass. This is exactly what the LCD Separator Machine does. LCD Separator Machines allow you to separate the lcd easily from the shattered screen.

The LCD beneath the cracked screen can be reused, resulting in HUGE profit!
The LCD beneath the cracked screen can be reused, resulting in HUGE profit!

Where to get your cracked iPhones

The benefits of such a machine are enormous if you can understand the true benefit of it. Think about it; a new iPhone 5S replacement screen assembly costs almost $40, yet a glass only replacement costs around $5. Can you see the huge profit margin here?

The really great thing is these lcd separating machines do not cost thousands of dollars. Anyone can invest a little money in one and get it back with a few repairs. Right now only repair shops are using the machines, yet they are available to purchase by anyone. That means you.

Let me tell you briefly the way you can make a lot of money at home. Ebay is full of cracked phones. There are all sorts of models out there from different companies ready for you to snag from people who do not know how to fix their phones. These are sold for very cheap. So keep watching these auctions and buy them if the price is right. Repair them, and then list them back onto eBay as used phones. Doing this method I made over $3,000 at home in my garage BEFORE I bought an LCD Separator Machine. I do not want to talk about my latest numbers, but let’s just say that they are well over double then what I used to make. Keep in mind I am not a repair shop and do these repairs on the side in my small garage.

Hope this helps!

How to use an LCD Separator Machine


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