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How to Make Easy Money with Wi-Fi Router and Hotspot Service

Updated on April 6, 2017
Linksys Wireless Access Router
Linksys Wireless Access Router | Source

How to Make Easy Money with Wi-Fi Router and Hotspot Service

Almost everyone in the modern world uses internet to communicate with friends through social media sites, do a small research, or find information about a product or service through laptops or smartphones.

Wi-Fi or wireless internet access technology has made it easier to access internet from anywhere at anytime without necessarily having a modem or wires.

Internet users who are away from home always try to find easily accessible Wi-Fi around them, so that they can go on with their normal duties or fun they get from the internet.

Yes, you can make lots of money; up to $ 1000 a month with your wi-Fi if you live near a busy environment such as town center, café, hotel, apartment, campground, beach, resort, sports club, college, etc; where there is a large number of people who need to access internet for various reasons everyday.

All you need is a low cost wireless router, and Instant Hotspot; which is a software that you can use to set prices and security measures; and allow Wi-Fi users to access internet through your wireless internet access or HOTSPOT service at a fee.

Requirements to Start Wi-Fi Hotspot Business

1. Compatible Wi-Fi or Wireless Router

To start Wi-Fi hotspot service and make money, you will need a compatible Wi-Fi router the very first thing.

You don't need to have an expensive wireless router for you to make money with Wi-Fi hotspot service: Rather, you can have affordable Wi-Fi router with fast internet speed and wide area coverage to allow more people to find your Wi-Fi.

Remember, the more Wi-Fi users you'll get; the more money you will make. As such, ensure that you get above average router that will satisfy needs of more internet users.

Personally, I use Linksys WRT54GLwireless router in a busy sports club in Nairobi; and most of the Wi-Fi users I get are tourists who login into my Wi-Fi using their PayPal account or credit cards.

I recommend the above wireless router since it's affordable and it has average speed and distance coverage.

Alternatively, you can use Asus RT - AC68U if you need more coverage and very fast internet access speed depending on demand and population of the Wi-Fi users near where you need to start the Wi-Fi Hotspot service.

2. Reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP)

When choosing the Internet Service Provider that will provide you with an internet connection; you need to consider a few important factors to ensure that you get the most reliable and affordable connection.

Among the very first thing to consider when choosing ISP to work with are contention ratio and maximum downloading speed.

Most standard ISP will provide 20, 50, or more sharing ratio. For example, if a given ISP advertise 20:1 and download speed of 10Mbs; this means that 20 devices can share the internet connection at the same time to a download speed of 10MBs each.

So the higher the contention ratio and download speed the better the hotspot service that you will provide to your clients.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspot Software

Apart from compatible Wi-Fi router; you will need Wi-Fi Instant Hotspot. This is a software professionally designed to generate money as internet users access the internet through your Wi-Fi access point.

Hotspot allows you to set prices in your own currency, such that interested Wi-Fi users will be required to log in at your start page using their PayPal account or credit card.

The amount of Wi-Fi users will be automatically deposited into Hotspot account and accumulate amount is sent to your account on monthly basis.

Hotspot service does not have setup or direct monthly fee or charges, and so there is no any risk of losing money.

You only pay a small commission for every successful transaction; which is automatically deducted from the amount accumulated to be sent to your account every month.

Wi-Fi Hotspot is very easy to install and it comes with an inclusive installation guide for all Wi-Fi routers that one can use.

Hotspot service can be enjoyed in all countries all over the world, and one can easily set the amount they need to charge users in their own currency or any other currency they may like.

To get started making money with Wi-Fi Hotspot service; you need to fill an online registration form, after which you will receive your personal software immediately for free. You will then have to configure your Wi-Fi router as per your requirements using a given installation guide.

Pre-configured Wi-Fi HotSpot Router Manager

If you need an additional special wireless router that will give you much easier time than having to configure the Wi-Fi hotspot service by yourself; Open-Mesh OM2P Mini router is the best.

OPen-Mesh OM2P Mini router has a high download speed up to 150 Mbs and up to 300 Mbs for OM2-HS model.

Open-Mesh routers use a special software interface known as CloudTrax by Open-Mesh; which easily integrate with it to allow you manage Wi-Fi hotspot service through an easy to use dashboard.

CloudTrax also allows you to set prices and receive money through PayPal from internet users who access your hotspot service. You can also set free Wi-Fi usage if you don't need to charge your Wi-Fi users at any time.

Getting started with Wi-Fi Hotspot business is very easy when using specials Open-Mesh routers; you only add a few details from the back of the router in the Cloudtrax landing page, then connect the Open-Mesh OM2P router to your Internet router and you are done.

Installing Open-Mesh OM2P Mini Wi-Fi Router

Which wireless router have you used and can recommend for HOTSPOT service?

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    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 6 months ago from Green City in the Sun

      Hi holyT, increasing area cover of a WiFi router can be achieved by using repeaters in between the internet router and other WiFi enable devices within a building or in different buildings.

    • profile image

      holyT 6 months ago

      How can I increase the area covered by WiFi router service with a dish been connected

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 13 months ago from Green City in the Sun

      Thanks Prince... I will send you an E-mail with more details about Wi-Fi and Hotspot business as you have requested.

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 2 years ago from Green City in the Sun

      Peachpurple; that's true, not all hotspot services are fast: That depends much on the quality of the hotspot service one subscribes to. HOTSPOTSYSTEM offers one the of the best hotspot services in the market and with the right router and configuration, you will definitely enjoy their services. Thanks for your comment.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Not allhotspot are that fast in speed