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How to Make Real Serious Money Online

Updated on August 31, 2012

How Do People Make Money Online?

I'm here to tell you how average people like you and me, make real serious money online. I'm talking about serious cash, more than enough to pay your bills with. I'm talking about the kind of money people dream of making online.

A recent comment on my "Free Tips" series claimed that I don't give you any useful information. If that is the case I must apologize to my readers. The reason I didn't begin the series with the most common and therefore hardest market to enter "How To" is because I was writing about natural organic traffic, not the traffic that comes from SEO and using common high paying keywords. I wanted you to be unique and find your own voice as writers. Since, however, I have been challenged I will tell you how to make real serious money online

The first person I want to tell you about was already making money online. He built websites for people and made a good living at it. He'd had many ideas about making money online that he shared with other people. Those friends implemented his ideas and made money, serious money. He began to think that maybe his ideas were all tapped. One day he remembered a conversation with a friend. The one thing that had lead to his ideas. "What do I do every day that I could get paid for doing?" The answer came... He got dressed every day. He started a site called I Wear Your Shirt. The idea was that he would wear a company's shirt and blog, youtube etc about the company. Now he has employees who also wear t-shirts for money. I wrote about him in 2010. The link is below.

Other ways to make Serious Money Online

Be unique, yes, and be yourself. So many people are afraid of revealing too much. Look at the most famous of Bloggers, Perez Hilton. Do you think he has made a ton of serious money? Yes of course! Because he's not afraid of being himself.

Or you could be like "Fred" because he created a character that people love, or love to hate. So many mocked him and tried to imitate him. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don't imitate, come up with an original character, perhaps one you've used on friends for years that had them rolling on the floor laughing!

There are many more, just do your own searches, the point is, you must be willing to be both loved and hated. The more that hate you the better, apparently, just look at YouTube phenomenon Justin Bieber among others.

The more people you have talking about you, good and bad, the more famous and ultimately the more money you will make. If you came here looking for internet adoration, you are in the wrong place! The most famous and richest are hated, often more than they are loved. It's all about traffic, people. Traffic equals money. The more traffic you get the more money you will make. That's why so many people sink to the lowest levels to make money.

They know traffic is king. How many times do you click on a link because someone told you about the atrocity of it? Look, that person has 683 comments and you have 5. Think about it! You can't always be popular and make money. Most of the time you can't do that here at Hub Pages because you'll likely get banned, but the truth isn't pretty.

Hardest way to Make Serious Money online

Yes, this is the hardest. It will cost you money long before you make money. You will have to work diligently and at all hours of the day and night on it.

  • Build a website or have one built for you. Find the best name, the one that will get the most natural traffic and build around that.
  • Monetize your website by all of the following methods.
  1. Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate marketing.
  3. Banner placement and ad sharing programs. (Some of these are free some you must pay for.)
  4. Write and add to your site daily, active sites get higher rankings than "idle" sites.
  5. Join and comment on sites similar to yours so that your name gets out there.
  • Pay for hosting and buy two years worth to gain more respect from Google.
  • Pay to advertise your website.
  • Write about your website on every free and paid site that you can find.
  • Tweet about and build a Facebook page about your website.
  • Read every free e-book on traffic building, as I have.

Next is the "cheaters" way. Spend up to $6000.00 to have all of the above either done for you or taught to you.

And to all of you who want to follow the hardest route to internet gold, good luck to you. Be greedy, I'm sure you've got money to burn which is why you searched for making money online.

I want to thank the commenter who said I have nothing useful to offer for inspiring this hub. You'll notice that I do not try to sell you anything. Just because I don't does not make me or my writing useless. Thanks again for being so inspirational. I noticed you have been here for 19 months and I've been gone for twenty. I want to thank you again for the warm welcome back. I've looked at your hubs, the reason you aren't making any money is because they are too short. I don't think you passed the 300 word mark on some of them. I do that with a single capsule.


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