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How to Make Sure Your Office is Secured

Updated on September 21, 2014

Your office should be built like a fort. Well, not literally but because of all the investments you’ve made in it, with all the resources you’ve made available for your employees and your clients, it only makes sense that an office has to be totally secured. But how can you do that? Here are some tips you may want to look into.

1. Invest in a quality alarm system.

Don’t be a cheapskate, buy the highest quality alarm system that you can afford. Choose one with a motion detection feature especially if you don’t have a security guard within the premises at night.

2. Keep your most important documents locked up.

Get all your financial documents, business and property titles and deeds, and contracts in a safe. That’s because losing them can be a complete disaster for your business. And limit the number of people who know the combination to the safe; even better if you’re the only one who knows it. If you don’t have a safe, at least use a drawer that has a lock.


3. Don’t keep cash in the office.

If you need to have cash ready at least get a safe for your utmost security. Or you can follow what a lot of businesses do. Before the end of the day, they deposit their earnings in the bank or stash it away some place they know is safe and secure. With no cash in the office, there will be less reasons for a burglar to target your place.

4. Keep the lights on.

At least keep the lights on at entrance of your building or office. This is a great deterrent for possible burglaries because thieves will think twice because they know they are more visible to other people should they pick on the locks on your doors. Even better if you can install a motion activated lighting system. It will only turn on once a person comes close enough to it. This is a great way to save on electricity bills as well.

5. Do a thorough background check when hiring people.

There are a lot of cases of what is called an inside job for theft. That is why it is important that you really do your research and do a background check on every new employee you are hiring. Even if it’s just for a part time position.


6. Install key card or biometrics access systems.

These are highly effective because only authorized people or employees will be allowed to go inside the office. And it doesn’t have to be installed everywhere, maybe just in the most important areas in your building that have sensitive or expensive items. These systems will also allow you to monitor who are the last people who accessed that room. In case something becomes missing.

7. Don’t forget to do a security audit.

If you already have a system in place, it is a good idea to do a security audit to see if you need to do any updating or if there are any vulnerabilities within the system. It includes, aside from the hardware, the people who are in charge with the security and safety of the building, to perform any security risk analysis and also to collect feedback even from your employees.


Always be vigilant.

Keeping your office secured may not be cheap, but it is one expense you should really do. That’s because even a single weakness in your security might cost your business a great deal. So keep safe and start doing preventive measures.


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