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How to Make a Brochure with Free Online Tools

Updated on March 22, 2017

Really, it's free?

Brochures can be a very important part of your business or organization as far as publicity. You want people to understand your purpose, what you do, and more. And you want your brochures to be nice.

Oftentimes printing these can be very expensive, whether you're paying someone to design the layout or if you're printing yourself and you suffer the costs of ink and quality paper. But producing brochures doesn't have to be expensive. Thankfully, the World Wide Web offers some alternatives to high-cost brochures.

There are plenty of tools you can use online to make some good brochures without any money or a lot of time. You can create them yourself and even have someone else print them for you. Check out the tips and methods I've outlined below and read up through the links I've supplied at the bottom of the page.

Brochure Design


Brochure Design Tips

You might be excited to start generating nice-looking brochures for your company, but before you jump into the online world, glance over these bits of advice I have for you.

Here are some basics concerning how your brochure should work:

1. Determine the purpose of your brochure

Why should people choose your company over others? Explain the answer to this question in the brochure and keep your response focused.

2. Draw attention with your headlines

Make them sound bold and interesting. However, it's not okay to use all capital letters; this sort of scares readers. Use upper- and lowercase instead. Also, try not to make words bold so that when you do, it really catches a reader's attention.

3. Keep copy brief

Make sure there's ample space between lines of type so it's easier to read. Also, there should be sufficient marginal space around every fold and side of your brochure.

4. Use plenty of color

As far as the text, you should include:

  • What the customer gets out of doing business with your company - avoid overuse of the pronouns "we," "us," "I" or "our."
  • The twelve most powerful words in the English language, which are:
  1. You
  2. Money
  3. Save
  4. New
  5. Easy
  6. Love
  7. Discovery
  8. Results
  9. Health
  10. Proven
  11. Guarantee
  12. Free
  • Company information - while the customer comes first, make sure you promote your company too. Explain the business, its history and maybe testimonials or a list of prominent clients.
  • Product information - Explain what it's for and explain any warranties or guarantees. Try not to list prices; you want people to contact you so you can engage their interest and have more control over transactions. Speaking with them also gives you the chance to assuage any concerns or uncertainties they may have.
  • Contact information - Avoid using staff pictures if you want a more professional image. However, in a close-knit community, it wouldn't necessarily hurt.

Including both prices and staff pictures are tricky because both are apt to change, thus rendering your brochure invalid.

Finally, you may try asking people who know nothing about your product to read over a proof of your brochure and have them explain your company and/or product from what they read.


  • A good type of paper to use is 70 lb. (or higher) coated stock for a three-panel, four-color brochure. A 10-point cardstock is best for single-panel brochures to ensure that it won't flop forward in display stands.
  • Dimensions are very important. If you try to design the layout yourself, you often have to get down to portions of inches to get your brochure to print out just right. It's good to want to save money, but when it comes to the livelihood of your business, you might want to enlist the help of an experienced designer to help with the layout, if not the production and printing.
  • Know your target audience well. You can look up demographic information about what the audience prefers as far as color, typeface, even style. Do some research before starting to make your brochure.
  • Proofread! There is nothing that says "unprofessional" like a misspelled word.
  • If you need a large quantity of brochures, it's best to design your brochure online for free, then to take the file to a printer. Mass production of printed items is easier for them and less expensive for you as opposed to you printing hundreds of brochures with your inkjet printer.

How To Create Virtual Welcome Packets

Recommended online tools


Powered by Doodlelab, this is a Hewlett Packard program that I would say is your best bet for creating your brochure online for free. It's super easy and I think their designs are great. You also print them yourself, which allows for a lot more control on your part.

With MyBrochureMaker you have the choice of making a Brochure with mailing panel, brochure without mailing panel, or flyer.

The program also offers templates with different themes: Medical, contractor, fitness, salon/spa, real estate, nature, travel, business, technology, child care It may take some time to load the templates so you can work on them, depending on your connection (I have dial-up... *shudder*).

Then you press buttons to Edit Outside, Edit Inside and View Both to start editing the text for your brochure. You just click on the boxes where the text goes and type the words. The pictures are already there and the layout is already set up.

Finally, you print your brochure: first you print the outside on one side of the paper, then rotate it 180 degrees and put the paper back in, printed side up. (HP recommends doing a test print to make sure it comes out the way you want it to on the paper you selected before printing more.) Then you print the inside. And then you're done! You can save your design or ditch it. HP also recommends you use their specialty brochure paper when using their service as well. Depending on how professional the purpose of your brochures are, this might not be a bad idea; I find HP paper to work really well and sometimes you can get it on sale.


At VistaPrint, you have the option of making 25 free - they print them for you. You can also make them in quantities of 50,100, 250 and 500, but they cost more respectively (making 500 costs $250). You can also pay for a document proof in PDF form for $1.99. Hint: Before you start, you may want to register if you are not already a member of the site because they will ask you to do that in the middle of the brochure-making process before you can continue.

You can also just continue as a guest of the site. If you're downloading a template, VistaPrint recommends you use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for editing.

Here are the product specifications for their printed brochures:

· Full Bleed Size (starting document size): 11.10" x 8.63" (they advise that finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for better results)

· Document Trim Size (final size after being cut): 10.98" x 8.50"

· Resolution: 300 DPI

Make sure to keep all text within the safe margins they designated. Dotted lines indicate where a fold will take place. If you don't want text or other elements to appear on the fold, make sure they stay within each panel's safe margin.

When you're making your brochure, you have the option of using one of their templates or uploading your own design (or having them make it for you for $99).

If you're uploading your own outline, you have to make sure it conforms to their specifications, including the size of 11.10" x 8.63"; that all background colors and images bleed to the edges of the document at the full bleed; that all important text and images are within the safe margin (.137" from the edge of your document); that resolution is 300 DPI at 100%; and that all fonts are converted to outlines (as in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw). From there they take it, print it, and send it to you in as little as 3 days. If you're using a template, you're in luck because they have a wealth of nice industry designs to use, including wedding, flowers, construction, legal and more. You can even add the ones you love to your Favorites. Once you get a look at the design you think you want, you then enter your text where the sample text is at the left side of the window (you enter it in boxes), initial a box to get online approval of both sides, and have it printed and shipped to you!


This is another great and free resource to make brochures... and another Hewlett Packard program. The point of this Web site is to "make cool stuff with your photos." Members are very involved in uploading and sharing their photos with others on the site. You have a blog and you can pay to print certain products, like books, posters and more. You can make your brochures here to print at home or through the company.

The first thing you have to do, however, is sign up... it takes just a minute to do so. You don't even need to check your e-mail to verify your account.

Once you've done that, you can start making your brochure. This program seems less structured than the others I have listed, but you can use the member network maybe to get some great ideas and even use some of the photos they have posted for sharing to put in your brochure.



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      This is fantastic!

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      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      There's a program in Microsoft Pack that makes brocures. It's pretty good. I've never tried any of the programs that you've listed. Although, I have used Vista for business cards.

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      poseidon 9 years ago

      Useful info from regards

    • Caregiver-007 profile image

      Margaret Hampton 9 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for this very helpful information. The images and impacts of brochures make them an important part of marketing even for those focusing on the online community.

      I'm going to refer your great Hub to my friend, Terri Shearer of - She will want to make brochures to take to Ken McArthur's JVAlert workshop in Orlando next month. Terri's on the "hot-seat" there with her new 3-hour "how-to" video and PDF (that she spent a year on, with medical professionals)... and what better way for the crowds to take away a reminder of what she has to offer than with a well-done brochure? You give her invaluable tips here - and all we Hubbers. In fact, I'm going to send your Hub link to MANY people! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    • abccoach profile image

      abccoach 9 years ago

      Very good quality advice and a must for the small business operator wanting to look as professional as possible without having to invest greatly. Don't forget to use the "AIDA" principle as it imperative to stand out!

      Even if you are starting out in business, you don't have to look like it. Prospect, clients will take your word for it UNTIL you prove otherwise. Therefore "fake it 'til you make it!"

    • profile image

      Old Nikko 9 years ago from Earth


      Do remember that your brochure is just salesmanship - in print - so make the sales copy compelling!

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      i've been planning of venturing on desktop publishing biz for extra money, and this hub of yours is such a helpful jumpstart kit for me! :)

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      Sandilyn 9 years ago from Port Orange, FL

      I have made numerous brochures but I just ran into a problem with sending one, to my business partner, online. She did not have the right software and could not open it. This article gives me a new idea for doing that. Thanks!

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      Sonda 9 years ago


      This is Guru, brochure is a media of advertisement, whether the company is new or old, whenever the company launches a new product or services to the customers, the company should intially advertise their products through different medias like TV, publishing adds in newspaper, magazines, outdoors adds in big wallpapers, apart from these brochure is also a media of advertisement to the customers, basically the brochure should be very attractive, moreover the contents should impress the peoples to know about the company's product in indepth.

      While printing the brochure, the key word like Discount or offer or gift should be highlighted in Red or Blue colour or any attractive colour, the peoples should be attracted to these key words, they call upon the office to know the products which they offering & many more aspects in indepth.

      Therefore the brochure should be attractive, showfull, highlighting with Discount, Offer, or gift voucher.

      These are the essential features to be considered while printing the brochures.



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      How could I get to make the brochure and print it on my computer?

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      I've made a few catalogues and your hub covers the basics and you also give some good advice about copy-writing.

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      The only tiny little thing I would add is that I think it's always nice for contact information to include as many different methods of contact as, phone, physical location, and so on.

      You are so right about not adding prices and staff pictures that could change, and it's a super idea to have someone who knows nothing of your business to read over the proof. :)

      Nice hub!

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      Judy Cullins at

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      Wait, how do you do it?

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      glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you all for stopping by! Sophie, it depends on the tools you use, but feel free to check out some of the links and look into what you need to do to make a brochure their way!

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      .. 7 years ago

      i didn't find this program helpful at all .

    • adorababy profile image

      adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      This is another testimony that with the internet, the world is indeed in your fingertips.

    • profile image

      FB Siphon 7 years ago

      Its great.Thanks for your recommendation.

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      can get yourself free business cards and everything... wonderful... Good hub, useful if you are starting your own little business with limited funds.

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      Quick Cash Concept Hub 6 years ago

      I am going through all of your hubs and I don't have enough words to praise the quality of the stuff you are providing. Thanks.

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      Marcel 6 years ago

      Very practical information. Very useful, because you point out were you can use it and what the benefits are.


    • Nikki D. Felder profile image

      Nikki D. Felder 6 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

      I'm a member of a non-profit ministry and my husband in a gospel music minister. I can benefit greatly from your hub and I thank you. Thank You!

    • profile image

      used skid steer 6 years ago

      One way I lowered costs was to buy a used skid steer instead of a new skid steer. Why buy new when the old is still perfectly useful and has plenty of wear in it for half the price. Maybe the army can learn from my example.

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      mikey 6 years ago

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      Thanks for that. Great guide. Good, clean design. Less is more! Well done.


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      get senuke 6 years ago

      Great advice, I wanted to get a line of brochures for my business, but was shocked by the prices that some graphic designers were charging. This is a great way for me to take my time and plan it out exactly the way that I want it!

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 5 years ago

      Very informative. Brochures are a great marketing tool. Who knew they were so easy to make?

    • profile image

      akasa 5 years ago

      Hi MyBrochureMaker is not working now for free.It needs around 10$ to print a brochure from them.They do not allow even to save that in my pc.i am using now .it is so charm so far.But thanks for so info

    • profile image

      Dorcas 5 years ago

      Quite useful. Thanks!

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      Awesome Tutorial 5 years ago

      thank you for this great post I for sure will be referring to this when i create some brochures for . thank you again

    • profile image

      lukas 5 years ago

      actually, i dont undarstand what kind of program you use? can any one tell me what free program i need to use to make a brochures or flyers?

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you all for your comments! Lukas, look at the Recommended online tools section for some suggestions, like VistaPrint.

    • profile image

      Shannon 5 years ago

      how do you make a leaflet online i really need to know its bugging me

    • profile image

      kommitted1973 5 years ago

      Great article! The brochure I created and had printed turned out to be a great marketing tool for my business. I found Vista to be a little pricey and I don't really like their quality. So I did some research and found, I was able to get 500 8.5 x 11 for about $200. I was extremely pleased with the fast turnaround and end product.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      kommitted, thanks so much! I think I'll add that to the links :)

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      GClark 5 years ago from United States

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      Matt 5 years ago

      If you're looking to create free real estate or rental flyers online check out for 8.5"x11" real estate brochures you can download as a pdf and print at home.

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      raised ink business cards 5 years ago

      These days you can do so much online. From brochures to even business cards. As for business cards one of my favorite type is the raised ink business cards.

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      make it more clear while explaning the procedure so that it is better understood to continue with your hub.

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      Chris 5 years ago

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      Art 5 years ago

      Having a brochure to pass out is always great. its a way to grow your business, and if u can find tools that are free and help you grow, then its something people should take advantage of.

      we get ours printed at

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      I'd recommend checking out Lucidpress for making brochures, newsletters, and the like.

      Along with being free and online, it always supports collaboration with others.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 3 years ago from Northern California

      Dave, thank you for the resource! And thank you all for your comments!

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      markswann 23 months ago

      Great article! Once you have mastered your brochure designs and want to take it to the next level, you could look at using Video Brochures. They are a great mix of print and tech. Admittedly, they are not as low cost as home design but if you went direct to a manufacturer such as these Oceanstar-gift. You can get the video insert for your brochure at lowest costs available.

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