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How to Make a Presentation Successfully & Confidently - for Non Professional Speakers

Updated on December 6, 2016

Local Endorcements

Advertising Your Event

It's vitally important to advertise your presentation to insure a good turnout.

As I was giving a talk at the local library on my book, "The Making of Beauty: A Personalized Guide to Make-up and Skin Care Application," the library director was most helpful in insuring I had a successful event.

By advertising in the local papers, on the library website, and posting the event on the library sign, it helped to get the word out.

Preparation is Imperative

How to Prepare For Your Presentation?

Practice, practice, practice. That is an important piece of advice that never gets old.

Steve Jobs (Apple) practiced his presentations over many hours and days.

Keep it simple and know the amount of time you have allocated to presenting and demonstrating (if applicable).

Try not to keep your hands by your side. Instead, hold a book (as I did in the photo) or try to be slightly animated, even if that is not your usual style.

If you are nervous, walk back and forth or up and down the aisle, whatever the room layout allows.

Use Visual Aids

How to Use Visual Aids

I found that using visual aids such as the digital frame and custom sign (in photo) helped me with my presentation.

I was able to refer to the custom sign (purchased at Fed Ex) instead of referring to my notes.

The digital frame showed photos I might want to make reference to.

The audience can listen to you and watch the photos on the digital frame.

Interact With Your Audience

Answer Questions

It's important to interact with the audience, so that you stay connected.

You or they can ask questions, so there is a back and forth dialogue.

You don't want to lecture, unless that is precisely what you intend to do.

Demonstrate Whenever Possible

Demonstration vs Speaking

You may agree that most people are visual, so why not demonstrate instead of speaking?

As my presentation was about skin care and make-up application, I chose a volunteer from the audience and did a makeover.

This was a great way to discuss and demonstrate tips and techniques from my book.

And most importantly, my advice is, don't forget to have fun!

In Conclusion

I had a lot of fun with my presentation. Not that I wasn't nervous, but it was an opportunity to begin on a small scale, with hopes that someday I'll be able to present to a larger group.

I can honestly say I had my "fifteen minutes of fame."

As a frequent contributor to Twitter, I sometimes show a photo of myself next to my book, in order to bring attention to my efforts.

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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      Using visual aids can, indeed, add to a presentation in a great way but it does take a little finesse. Using visual aids properly was something I had to really work at...this is great information. Voted up and useful