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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Updated on April 1, 2013

Social Media Trends in 2013

Gone are the days when social media were viewed as a passing youth fad for those with numerous hours to kill. Remember those days when hi5 used to be the in-thing? Nowadays, there is more to social media than just connecting to anonymous flirtmob in the cyberspace.

Business entrepreneurs are using the social media to market their brands online and built a very strong customer base. In fact, CEOs of leading companies around the globe are realizing that having a presence in the Big Five (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest) determines the percentage of customer base they command around the world.

This need to have a voice across various social media applications has in consequent given birth to a complicity in managing the different social media accounts. How do you for example ensure that your messages are posted on time or you have replied to all your customers. Well one way would be by employing a lot of social media marketing strategists to do the work for you. Or you could decide to use some of the for social media management platforms available.

There are several mobile, tablet and desktop applications available to alleviate some of the stress of having to worry about updating your status in time or repeating the same message across several platforms. These applications help you keep tabs on almost all your social media profiles from one interface/dashboard.

What Should I Look for When choosing a Social Media Management Software?

The social media management tools available in the internet share some common qualities and at the long run, you are the one to decide which one is more up to your taste, whether on a free scheme or on monthly payment.

However, if you are going to pay for your social media management software, here are a few things that yo would need to check out:

  1. Does it have the capabilities of shortening urls to leave you room to share some message on twitter?
  2. Does it provide you with analytics to know how your links are doing?
  3. How many social media accounts can it connect?
  4. Can it schedule postings for you?

TweetDeck Social Media Management Tool
TweetDeck Social Media Management Tool | Source

The Top 3 Social Media Management Tools

  • TweetDeck

If you are looking to manage personal social media profiles, TweetDeck is propbaly your tool. It allows you to connect across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GoogleBuzz, MySpace and Foursquare.

The interface is clean, customizable and easy to use. The integration of Google Maps into some streams has also elevated TweetDeck a class high. Videos,memes and photographs are also easily viewable from the tool.

In 2011, TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter since as the name suggests, it is best suited for management of Twitter accounts, allowing the user to integrate several Twitter accounts of streams for mentions, feeds, Direct Messages and so on.

  • CoTweet

CoTweet is best suited for small business or departments within a bigger business enterprise. This is because of its Social Media Management functionality that allows various tasks to be assigned to different social media managers. The OnDuty tool lets user view who is monitoring the social streams at any one time.

With CoTweet, employees with knowledge of a certain area better can be assigned to monitor that particular field thus allowing for a certain level of specialization to questions and queries from their customers.

CoTweet allows Twitter and Facebook integration and also has an App for Apple tablets. What may be not so cool about CoTweet is the astronomical cost of $1,500 per month for the Premium version. However, users can still download a free Standard version or use the Premium Version of CoTweet as a trial.

  • HootSite

HootSite is the ultimate social media management tool especially suited for small business with one to two social media managers.

With the free version of HootSite, you can integrate up to five social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Many business enterpreneurs with a need to carry out market demography on their online audience will be more delighted to learn that with Hootsite, you can view the bio of users. It allows for customization of a list of followers who you would like to keep close tabs on and build engagement with.

Pricing for the HootSite application starts from as low as $9.00 per month and may peak up to $1.5M depending on the level of customization you want. The top priced application features include insights on Google analytics and Vanity URL services.


Which of the above social Media Management tools have worked for you. Do you know of any other fast-growing SMM tool? Share the experience.


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