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How to Market Online Easily!!

Updated on October 29, 2017

Marketing is essential for any business, but it can be hard for those who have never done it before. Additionally, it can be time consuming and expensive for small businesses. It doesn’t have to be though. In this guide you will find some of the basics of marketing easily online in order to boost traffic and raise sales. Keep reading to start learning.

Blog Now

Starting a blog is a great way to start advertising your business. Blogs allow you to post how-to articles about your product(s) and other helpful content. Users love helpful content because it provides detail about a product and value. Target keywords and organically grow your content.

Blogs have become incredibly easy to set up and you can start one within a couple of minutes. The key isn’t to just start one, it is to keep the blog up to date. You need to continue to upload content. Quality content uploaded at least once a week on the same day is required. Turn out the content in advance so it is ready to be posted.

Connect On Social Media

Social media plays a massive role in the modern-day marketing world. Everyone who is anyone has a social media presence. Whether you are a small shop on Etsy or a big business like Best Buy, you post content to social media. From quotes to pictures of customers using your products, all sorts of uses have developed for social media profiles.

Interacting with social media subscribers allows you to build trust amongst you and your customers. It also helps to ensure that as many customers as possible are satisfied. Most social media platforms also allow you to advertise your business to boost the amount of traffic you get.

Use Yelp and Other Business Directories

Yelp and other business directories are places that customers go to identify whether a business is trustworthy or not. The presence that you have on these directories can make or break your business. By having a good Yelp profile with a good rating, customers who search for businesses like yours will be sent to your business.

The more that your website is out there on these directories, the higher your business’s SEO will become. Here are a couple of other business directories:

  • Yahoo Local
  • Google Local
  • Yellow Pages


Finding other businesses and online content providers will help you to quickly get your product out there. You can combine multiple niches, and bring in customers from a variety of places. Reach out to other bloggers and some of the other influencers that you can find.

Offer Discounts or Freebies

Customers love saving money so when you market across the internet discounts and free items, you will attract customers to your website and products. Think about how Samsung and other major phone companies will offer to include additional items if you pre-order a phone or buy it between certain dates. These sales tactics work for companies of all sizes.

Sponsor a Giveaway

Giveaways are great ways to attract new customers and many online stores are making it easier than ever. Take a look at Amazon, they allow businesses to set up giveaways with products that are on the website. It doesn’t even have to be the product that you sell.

Another way to do a giveaway is to find an existing online contest and sponsor it. There are plenty out there and a simple Google Search can help you get connected with giveaways.

Create an Email List

Email lists have been a standard in the online marketing world for a while now. They are easy to set up and drafting a regular email is typically even easier than setting up a blog post. A lot of services online make it easier for you to host an email list. MailChimp is just one example.

Make sure that you follow all spam best practices and provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe if someone wants to be removed from your email list.

Take these steps and start marketing your business online easily. Each step that we have found is developed to be simple yet incredibly effective. Have another method you use for online marketing? Let me know in the comments down below.


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    • SwiftERM profile image


      19 months ago from New York

      Good piece, well written, covers all the basics. Essential for starting your own business.


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