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How to Market Your Business in a Unique Way

Updated on August 20, 2014


If you have a business that you are absolutely passionate about, it is time to share it with the world. Marketing your business effectively, while not spending a bomb on it, is the biggest challenge faced by small businesses. Here are some ideas that can help your business gain visibility within a limited budget.

Get an Eye-Catching Logo Designed

The logo plays an important role in marketing your business, since it is often the first thing that potential customers see. Try to get a creative design, so that it does not go unnoticed. Eye-catching or clever logos are remembered for longer, so using bright colors may be a good idea. Ensure that your logo represents your business for greater brand recall. You can either contact a professional or create a logo yourself by taking inspiration from other logo designs.


No More Dull Business Cards

Although we are in the digital age, business cards still have an important place. In fact, the utility of business cards has grown with the digital age. Now you can have your LinkedIn and skype IDs mentioned on the card, along with the address and phone number. A uniquely designed business card will not only grab attention, but can also be found more easily by your client when he is looking for it in a pile of cards. You can opt for shapes that represent your business. For example, if your company deals in garage repair or spare parts, the business card can be shaped like a wrench. If you own a pharmacy, the business card can be shaped like a pill.

Get Social Media to Work for You

Create a Facebook page, since this will give you more options to promote your company than via your FB profile. Ask your friends and family to like your page and promote it among their circle. Remember, images get liked and shared more than plain text. Look for catchy quotes and place them on a bright background using a tool like Paint. Opt for multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Initially, you can share the same posts in all platforms.

Give Out Personalized Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a cost effective way to reach out to customers and increase the brand recall of your business. A unique idea for corporate gifts can be chocolates of different shapes. Chocolates have a ‘feel-good’ factor and your prospective clients will associate this feeling with your business. Make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the chocolate or on how the artwork looks on the wrapper or the chocolate itself. Yes, you can have your logo printed on the chocolates with edible ink.

Prepare an Elevator Speech

Always be prepared to talk about your business because you never know who may become a client. However, most people don’t have the patience to hear you ramble on about your business. So, prepare a short, crisp speech that you can deliver in less than two minutes. So, to craft a brief, yet precise elevator speech jot down points about your business, what is special about it and what advantages it offers its customers. Once you have these points ready, start trimming down the relatively unnecessary details. Following up the speech with an intriguing question is a good idea to get noticed.

Attend Seminars and Conferences to Network Better

Make a list of all the seminars and conferences being organized in your city or where you can travel to easily. Then categorize these by industry and select those that are related to your business. You can even sign up for relevant webinars. Attending conferences and seminars to network for your business will have long term dividends. Keep your business card and elevator speech ready because the most unlikely person often gives you opportunities that are worth all the trouble of marketing.


Make a Presentation and Save it on a Tablet

A tablet is a great device to save your company presentation on. This is because it is light enough to be carried around conveniently. Moreover, it's screen is bigger than that of a smartphone, so that the presentation can be viewed with ease. Ensure that the tablet has a good screen resolution, so that the presentation appears visually appealing. The presentation should be engaging, with less text and more images conveying the message.


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