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How to Maximize Your PPC Paid Traffic

Updated on December 11, 2017
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Kevin is a Copywriter and marketer. He has been helping entrepreneurs increase sales through optimizing Landing Pages, Sales Letters etc

Pay-per-click is a major source of traffic for most businesses online; while some are maximizing it – doubling and tripling profits others are just loosing huge money to Google, Bing and others. One thing is very clear; there is a way to convert your PPC traffic and a way to just leak your hard earned money out. This post is to help you get the best out of your PPC traffic.

Why Many Advertisers Don’t Convert PPC Traffic

Poor Headline and Sub headline: A website is a conversation between you the advertiser and the prospect who moved from search engine to your page. That conversation begins from your home page headline and sub headline. Your headline and sub headline should capture and pique the interest of your prospect to stay on your page and explore. Over the years as I help entrepreneurs make profit I see that this is a key neglected many times.

Your home page or landing page where you direct your PPC traffic is a pick up where conversation on your page begins. This is where you grab the prospects attention to stay on your page or move on. You have only 7 seconds to do this.

Multiple page structure that impedes eye path: The Landing Page for your paid traffic should not be too clumsy with several columns. The eye path should flow sequentially down to the Call-To Action. Don’t make the customer wonder what the page is about with too many information to digest. It is most advisable to use single column on your landing page, this helps to begin a thought and sustain it without breaking down to the main goal of the page – the CTA.

The tone: I see many marketers make this mistake. They ask for the buy too early by placing the Call to Action button on the top area. Doing that makes you sound desperate and even suspicious. You need to engage the prospect and let him know why you are the right person to meet that need he has that brought him to your site before you call to action. Would you ask a girl’s hand in marriage the very first moment you meet her? You need to woo her first isn’t?

Poor Call to Action: Don’t use multiple calls to action on a page. Your Call-to-Action should be strong but not salesy. You should only call to action when you have been able to educate, inspire and prove to the prospect that you are exactly what he needs and can be trusted to deliver. Make the prospect ready to buy before you present the offer.

Credibility Indicators: Why should the prospect trust what you’re saying, just anybody out there can make the claims you are making. Don’t hype the offer or try to manipulate the prospect with persuasion. It does not work anymore. Use verifiable facts and figures in bulleted statements to prove your claims. Educate the prospect, be clear, be precise and understandable, be on-point. Be real don’t sound like a scam in the name of persuasion. Don’t forget to use social proofs.

Website Color: I see so many marketers neglect this very key conversion tip. Use the right colors in the right places. Use color to draw attention and emphasize your points not just for beautifying your site.

Connection Between ad and Landing Page must be Intact: The prospect was attracted by something on your PPC Ad and clicked through to your site don’t start telling them something else. The keyword in the ad must reflect right in the headline. The expectation created in the search engine must reflect clearly on the page. Don’t say one thing on your PPC ad text and say something else on the landing page.

Optimize Thought Sequence not WebPages

A home page or landing page is a conversation between the marketer and the prospect. The text on your page must connect with the prospect in a unique way and eliminate all friction, noise and distractions. I see marketers everywhere paying hundreds of dollars and more just to have a beautiful website and fail to spend on what really matters. People don’t buy from webpages they buy from people. So use your webpages to connect with them vitally by communicating with them as humans. Touch them let them feel cared for, let them trust and fall in love with you and your product.

Communicate your value proposition with them. Your page from top to bottom should focus on the customer not your company, not yourself. Let them see what exactly they stand to benefit doing business with you.

Building Chanel Momentum

Let’s start with the PPC Ad they will see that will lead them to your page. The probability of a conversion on a landing page is depended on the customer expectation generated from the PPC Ad. Your PPC Ad should invite the prospect to explore. Create expectation (momentum) in your PPC Ad.

The goal of a PPC Ad should not be to sell a product but to initiate momentum by converting attention into interest and then into action – a click. It should not be salesy just inviting.

If I am your ideal prospect why should I click on your PPC Ad and not that of your competitor? There are many similar PPC Ads out there competing for attention and clicks like yours. What is so attention pulling about yours that prospects will leave all the others and click on your?

From Search Engine to Landing Page

What is in the customers mind when they click through from search engine to your Landing Page? He must see his expectation for clicking on the PPC ad satisfied. You engage with your prospect that is now on your page in a mental conversation. Here is where you win or lose. Marketers lose millions of dollars here.

If you do not have a Landing Page for your PPC traffic then you’re greatly missing out. A Landing Page is a dedicated page designed to engage and convert the paid traffic coming from your PPC Ad campaign. So many online advertisers just send this traffic to a Home Page and keep wondering why the traffic is not converting. Get a dedicated Landing Page with great copy on it and see your conversion quickly increase.

These questions must be answered on every marketer’s Landing Page that wants to convert in high percentage. When a prospect lands on your page your page should be strong enough to hook them down and begin a fruitful conversation with them. Your page should be worth the time. It should be worth spending any amount of time needed to listen to you.

Where am i: Your Headline and Sub Headline should clearly spell this out.

What can I do here: Your Sub Headline should tell them.

Why should I do it: Why should the prospect buy the product, why should he believe you, why should he buy from you and not your competitor? Note that you have only 7 seconds to win the prospects attention. This is the core of your Landing Page, this is where you really make the conversions happen.

Value Transfer

Ensure that every element of the Landing Page expresses or supports the value proposition. The prospect should not miss it; they will first buy into your value proposition before buying your product or lead. Let them see that it is worth giving you their money, email, phone number etc.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

  • Are the claims on your PPC ad specific? Do they use qualitative or hype filled language/ how can you quantify your claims?
  • Is your PPC ad focused on generating a click? Have you provided a compelling reason to click your ad over the other many options?
  • Are you utilizing your headline of your page to immediately inform the prospect where they have arrived?
  • Is your landing page objective clear? Is your eye path simple, single column flow? Do you have an easy to see call to action?
  • Is every element of your page (Headline, Image, Copy, CTAs) expressing the value proposition?

If you can’t confidently answer in the affirmative the questions above then you have just discovered why your webpage has been leaking your dollars. So do something about it today.


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    • profile image

      Willliam 2 weeks ago

      Please don't feel that I am attacking you. But I wonder if you are receiving any constructive feedback on why some prospects are clicking off, including me.

      With your permission, I want to share why I would not hire you based on PPC article, 1) seven misspellings, not counting "salesy" which is a colloquialism and is overused, 2) nine punctuation mistakes, 3) two incomplete sentence because of the colon used in your subheadings, and 4) there are several minor mistakes most people would find it acceptable to live with because they don't know any better.

      I am not perfect and I make plenty of mistakes too. That is why I hire others to do my writing for me. So naturally, when I hire out writing projects, I expect error-free writing.

      I truly hope I am being helpful and not hurtful.

      May you and yours be richly blessed.