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Motivate Yourself to Work

Updated on June 7, 2014

How to Motivate Yourself to Work

How to Motivate Yourself to Work
How to Motivate Yourself to Work | Source

Hot To Motivate Yourself to Work

The how to motivate yourself to work whether this is in the office or at a home based office can be a pain to do sometimes. You have every excuse in the day not to want to work, you want to look up Internet stuff, is what happens to some when they work out of their home and on the internet. You start to type your article then you get an email that totally throws you off. Then you’re lost in space and not doing your intended work and hours can pass by. The office is as bad, I had an office job at several points in my life and sometimes if it was not the Internet taking topic , it was a quarrel with another co-worker, and time spent dwindling that one down, all wasting time for the day.

Ok smart guy, then how do I motivate myself to go do some work, well I don’t have the answer to all, I do know in the forums, I read about people that have human issues. There are kids that are skipping school and of course that is disturbing, but you have no idea where they are, or you do and need to take time off and get their kids and put them back in the system. There are so many excuses, I don’t really fell like typing 70 articles today and I know I cannot, but I know if I do not try , I definably will not get too many done for work today, So it’s an attitude adjustment we must put ourselves through.

Attitude towards people, places, things are important to make it in today’s society and putting them in proper sequence. Sounds easy, then you receive a phone call and it throws you off on a search for an old loss friend. Focus point is the next course of action.

You must focus a bit on what your intended on doing for this day not tomorrow. What can I get accomplished today so I can feel complete for one day attitude. There are solutions; turning off the cell phone is one while at work. Before we had them, cell phones what did we do, we used the company line.

I am not saying to tie up your company line with your personal issues, I am saying to stay focused on what you’re doing, and block out the co-worker that makes irritating sounds and disturbs not only you but everyone else. He may be the guy who gets all the cool jobs, and that’s why he is lost in his own world, he is focused on his job, not caring that he is irritating you. To want to go play golf when it’s pretty is only for upper management, I suppose, and yet their focus is your focus, they expect you will carry on your job duties while they are gone enjoying the good life while you are stuck in your cubicle. Stay focused and motivate yourself to do the best job possible today, and only today, then see if you’re not the one playing golf with the boss someday or making irritating noises that bug others because your motivated by your own needs.


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