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How to Network Market for Your Business

Updated on October 4, 2014
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Advertising your business can be a very costly affair especially when you advertise in the wrong way. Most businesses opt for newspaper advertising and if you have not done your homework than it is a waste of your time and money.

The realm of the internet world is at your disposal and there are so many opportunities to network market and so many millions of internet users that you could expose your business to!

How to Get Started.

You need to have a bright, interesting and catchy business advert that will catch the eye of everyone interested.

Remember to avoid putting unnecessary information on your page because the more people have to read, the less interested they are. Most people who are surfing the net are looking at more than one thing at a time and your business has to stand out for them to pay attention.

Once you have planned your campaign then you are ready for cyberspace!


For someone who has just started their business it is a good idea to create a blog. Websites cost you money and it is not guaranteed that you will have traffic to your site so doing one for free to start off with will help you save costs.

There are so many blogsites available and easy to use. You can design your own page without the help of a designer as long as you have an idea of what you would like readers to see.

You can then get traffic to your site by placing it on search engines and you can even make money from advertsing. It's a good start for a new business.

Social Networking.

Millions of people all over the world use social networks to speak to friends, family and even to promote their business.

You have to follow up all the time and check and update your information regularly but it is worth it even if you get one client out of the million.

Facebook, twitter, myspace and google are just a few to mention but if you research you will find many more. Just remember to keep it updated and fresh!


Free Ads

There are also many free advertising websites that you could use. Keep it short and simple with the use of images as this gives your business a better chance of being noticed. Many people place free advertisements and the trick is to make yours eyecatching. You also have to ensure that the advert stays at the top of the page which means you have to have it bumped up because there could be many businesses doing what you do and when people look for adverts the first one that they see should be yours!

Place your advert on every free advertsing space that you can find. All you have to do is google for free ads and the list will come up for you to select.

Read through them all first so that you do not waste your time and effort on the wrong thing.


Forums are found on blog sites and social networks but you cannot advertise directly on these. What should be done is to search for forums that have your business as an interest where you can then chat about your business subject and make suggestions or comments which might lead to business for you or people that would be interested in using your business.


Email is also a great networking tool that you could use to advertise your business. Spam is illegal and there is nothing worse than random information finding its way into your inbox when you have a busy day. So do not send emails to any address that you can find!

Send mail to people you know or who have contacted you in the past giving them brief information about your business and let them know that you are on the social networks and give them the address of your blog site. Ask them to forward your email to people that they know and that is how your information will be spread and even looked at.

The World is at your fingertips!

Whatever you do in the world of cyberspace you can do on your cellphone too! Ad your blog or social networks to your mobile phone and spread the word to your contacts who you can kindly ask to forward to all of their contacts.

This will keep you busy and it won't cost you a cent! Once you are successful with that then you can see if it is viable for you to have a website and you can place adverts on google ads which can be seen everywhere.

Cyberspace is at your fingertips and you can accomplish so much by using it to your advantage.

Have a look at my website to give you an idea!


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