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How to Not Get Rich But Make Some Money Online

Updated on October 31, 2011

I am one of many who searched all over for solutions to make money at home while your kids are young. Mostly I learned everything is a scam. Writing for money is hard work unless you hit the right target right time. Writing online today is all about the ads around your article. More your article is read more likely it is that ads are getting hits. This might sound quite simple, but it is not. Certain areas get tons of feeds going to search engines, like the topic I have. To find it first few weeks you would have to dig to page 30 I bet. If someone did this or the site I published this article, it might climb higher.

I've read tons about linking and sharing your writing online. Maybe my writing is not right kind but I've learned different subjects are totally ignored in some sites and money makers on others. I wish I knew how this works but I can give you few ideas. is one of the sites I write. This site is very critical about getting the type of review they want to see. I'm not sure their ratings by other site reviewers have anything to do with general public but the reviewers decide "how helpful" your review is. The most helpful rated reviews will be seen by searchers first. Do not get upset if your review is rated "somewhat helpful" or "helpful" I've learned that it means way more what you write about. In Epinions anything you plug in is a money maker from a toaster to laptop. Site plays you directly. Forget about writing about books or art, those are never making you a penny.

I did learn from Epinions though that other sites might pay you better. Epinions does not tell you that you cannot publish your work elsewhere so by no means do it! Just tell it was already published elsewhere. I once wrote few short reviewrite about it in ws of food items in Epinions, one of them was store bought lasagna. It never made me more than that first review dollar at Epinions but for some reason is very popular at AC. followed because both sites had the same policy about writing, just tell it was published elsewhere. But if you buy a camera write about it on epinions!

Helium is a site I have mixed feelings about. They have contests every week and if you write decent quality articles about topics you might get paid. They also now have topics they offer one or two dollars if they want to. I just learned that if they decide not to pay the offered money they still publish your writing.

I lately got few articles published from the list and was paid $2 or $1 each but few got published without pay and the way helium pays those will take years to make a dollar and I have no option to delete them.

If you are serious about writing try submitting samples to sites that pay, go for subjects close to your heart. Do not get upset from one no, you will get those no matter how talented you are!


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    • kirsib profile image

      kirsib 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, I love the writing part but am really bad about the capitalizing area... I had a blog going for quite some time with plenty of readers but did not make any money from it lol

    • LucidDreams profile image

      LucidDreams 6 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

      Create free blog or even website with effective domain names and provide quality content. Building directories is a good way to get started and not that hard to do. If you think about it, all the subject matter in a directory is same theme based...Interlink content then backlink....the rest will take care of itself.

      Diversify.....write for rev sharing sites and quality paying article sites. Iwriter and textbroker may be boring but you get paid per article.

    • kirsib profile image

      kirsib 6 years ago

      I'm glad you responded, I've reviewed few books and lucky to make 5 cents even if they'd be VH reviews. I've never reviewed nonfiction book so thanks for the tip!

    • profile image

      knotheadusc 6 years ago

      It's not true that book reviews on Epinions never make a penny. I've had quite a few book reviews do very well. I will say that it matters what kind of book you review, though. Reviews on novels don't tend to do that well unless they are among the first submitted for a book written by a famous author. I write a lot of reviews of non-fiction books. Some of them don't make a cent, but some have made very respectable income share.

      Most of my reviews are in the media categories and in almost 9 years on Epinions, I've made almost $7,000. If I wrote in the more lucrative categories, I would no doubt make more, but I would also be spending more.