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How to Obtain Plasterer Training

Updated on January 30, 2012

Plasterers apply plaster, cement, or similar material to walls and other surfaces. As a construction trade, plasterer training typically takes place through an apprenticeship program. Apprentices learn on the job from experienced plasterers.

Although there are some 26,000 plasterers in the United States, there really are not a wealth of actual plasterer training courses in formal school settings. Rather, on-the-job training for this skill-based job is the normal process for getting trained.

Plasterer training is conducted in the form of apprenticeships. An apprentice can earn some money while learning on the job, but the salary for a plaster apprentice would generally be lower than that of a fully trained plasterer.

Apprenticeships combine classroom training with actual work. This allows the plaster trainee to develop hands-on skills while also learning how to incorporate those skills into actual construction projects. Training includes classes on how math is used in the business of plastering. In addition, blueprint reading is important for independent plastering contractors who are heading up the plastering portion of construction projects.

Apprenticeships are established through either a plastering/construction union or a state agency that promotes apprenticeships. An example of a state agency where plastering training opportunities might be found is the New York Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program. Follow the instructions of these agencies to apply to become a plaster apprentice in your state.

An example of a union that has established a plasterer apprenticeship program is PRIDE. This union has an apprentice program for plasterers in the St. Louis area. Applicants accepted into the program work as trainees for 90 days and then complete a 3-year apprenticeship.

Note: When seeking an apprenticeship, you generally must find your own contractor. Just look online or in your local area for plaster contractors and ask about the existence of apprenticeship programs in your area. Not all contractors offer these plasterer training programs, but they will generally know where to go in that area to get training. You may just have to ask a few of them to get the information.


New York Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program

PRIDE Union Plasterer Training


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