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How to Optimize Blog Content Image on Wordpress Site?

Updated on October 22, 2015

The image is on of the fact for increasing website rank. IF you don’t optimize image without proper way, I am sure you will face to the problem for increasing website site rank. So, be care of image optimization.

I don’t know which CMS platform you are using to your blog. But better, if you use wordPress content management system (CMS). Because, today’s I will discuss wordPress image optimization process?

Wordpress image optimization oprcess


Not that’s of all; I will discuss overall image optimization after discussing wordPress SEO image optimization. So, read this blog post A-Z.

Now let’s go to the main point…….

What is Image Alt Tag?

Do you know? What is image Alt tag? Here answer- Image Alt is an identity key of your image. Probably you are not clear.

Ok details here- Google and another search engine can not crawl image normally because search engine ‘bot’ doesn’t crawl/understand which purpose of the image you are using of your content. But if you use image Alt tag, the search engine can easily crawl your image.

So, I think you are clear about image Alt tag.

My dear valuable readers don’t back from the post before complete reading. Because here I will guide you step by step how to optimize image on your wordPress site easily.

Ok, let’s go………

WordPress image optimization process:

Step: 1- Go to your wordPress dashboard post editing section and click on the post for editing purpose.

Step: 2- Chose an image place from your WordPress content editing box, where you want to appear an image of the content. Click ‘Add Media’ option.

Step: 3- Click ‘Upload File’ button and select File option for insert an image. Select an image from your PC folder. Finally, click the ‘open’ button.

select an image for upload


(Note:here you can upload maximum up to 64 MB file size.)

#probably, you already complete 1-3 steps after you had read the above mention guide. So,

see next step…

Step: 4-Find Alt TextBox before click ‘Insert into Post’ button. Write an alt tag and Title text.



Note:Title tag is your image name and Alt tag is SEO optimize image name.

Example:If your image about ‘content marketing’, you can use content marketing graph image. So your image title and Alt tag name should be ‘content marketing graph’.
After writing an Alt tag and title tag in the box. Click ‘Insert into Post’ button.

Ok guys- your work is complete. That means you content image is now SEO enable.
So get more traffic from your post content image and increase website rank quickly.

Note:If you have any question about this post, please comment bellow. I will try to answer.


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