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How to Pitch your Brand Development Skills to Start-Ups

Updated on June 15, 2013
Storyboard for client
Storyboard for client | Source

When you are in the brand development field your company might receive a request for proposal (RFP) from a start-up company which wants an effective, memorable and striking brand. They may be looking for a range of beautifully designed items from a new logo and business card to corporate stationery, brochures, flyers,staff uniforms and a website.

If your company receives a RFP, here are the main steps to take before you can make that all important pitch to prove that you are by far the best partner to work with:

Do your research. Find out as much as possible from the client. What is their aim? What is their product? Who is their target market? What is their vision for the company?

Confirm requirements. Make sure you are crystal clear about the client’s requirements. Be sure you understand exactly what they are looking for in the pitch, for example: A4 brochure, tri-fold flyer, business cards and stationery. What type of website do they need? Simple and elegant or punchy and modern?

Check out their budget. Confirm their ball park figure. This will influence the complexity of the website andquality of printed materials that you design - a simple tri-fold flyer will always be cheaper to print than an A5 booklet, but will clearly look so.

Get designing. Bear in mind how the materials are to be used and the target market they are intended for. Are the items to be serious with a strong corporate appearance or do they need to appeal to youth groups? If you have done your research thoroughly, your graphic designers will have a strong brief to work to.

Write great content. A great brand development company includes communication experts so flaunt your skills by offering several memorable taglines that can encapsulate what the start-up is all about. On printed material and the website mock-up, provide examples of your excellent writing skills, how you will explain why the start-up is better than its competitors and show that you have the ability to create enticing call-to-action steps throughout.

When you have your materials prepared, the most important step is yet to come – that of the face-to-face pitch. It is always preferable for clients to visit your office or studio to see where their start-up brand will be developed.

Clear visuals are essential for your pitch so prepare them with utmost care. Print off all of the mock-ups and display them in all their glory so that the potential client can appreciate brand continuity across all elements. The client can easily examine each and every thing you propose to produce and can see how the complete branding package would look.

Then simply listen to the client feedback. If they are blown away by your pitch you can be pretty sure you have the job. If not, listen to what they have to say. If they make sensible and rational comments on how they would prefer several items to be altered then take the comments on board.

However beware the client that asks for the moon but is only prepared to pay peanuts. As a professional brand development company you fully understand what is feasible within any given budget. If a client wants materials produced to a higher quality specification or a far more complicated website,and still stay with the original budget, then listen to the warning bells. A client with unreasonable expectations will not lead to a happy working partnership so it may be best to let them walk out of the door.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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