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How to Price and Place Blog Ads

Updated on August 9, 2015

Make certain a blog has a clean layout to attract advertisers and keep readers happy.

The business of blogging is to make money. Keep a good balance between making money and devoting time to the blog to achieve success.
The business of blogging is to make money. Keep a good balance between making money and devoting time to the blog to achieve success. | Source

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How to price ads for a blog and where to place a blog ad

After deciding to sell ad space for a personal blog there are several things to contemplate before starting the process. Bloggers need to weigh how much to charge for the space. The question is how to price ads and where to place any eventually sold. The right choices get the most for any ad sale with the lease amount of fuss. Increasing blogging income is the ultimate goal and is successful with the right info and advice.

This does not have to be a daunting task. There are no eighty page graphs to complete or thousands of numbers to download into a program with the right answers coming out after hours of processing. In fact, making an informed judgement call selection means gaining as much material on a subject as possible before a final form of action.

Bloggers are capable of getting more info on the subject via several different sources. This Hub is simply one of them. Check through other resources around the web on the same subject matter for more valuable material to help in the process.

Research is necessary to price and place blog ads

Avoid jumping at the first guy around

Don’t go with the first guy on the web looking for space. Investigate to discover which ad campaign best meets personal niche needs. This means finding out if it is more beneficial to sell one small space, several large spaces or a combination of both.


There are a variety of prices for blog ads and a specific type of niche typically helps to choose the average price for an ad. Review the median pricing models around the web, but keep an eye on what similar competitors are charging advertisers for comparable spaces.

The size of a space correlates with pricing. Newbies promote specials like two for one or one large space for the same cost as two smaller ones. Characteristically getting the ball rolling on selling leaves room for customers to help network to find new buyers.

Study the various types of advertisers generally attracted to a specific type of niche market. This is usually very beneficial for marketing space and deciding prices. Remember to match a target audience with items advertisers are selling to produce the best outcome when marketing.

Find a layout for a blog ad zone

What space to use

The right space is important. Explore how much to offer for each and where to put it based on the layout. How a blog is arranged determines where these open spaces for promotion are located.

This is a must before presenting anything to prospective buyers. Some buyers have a specific area in mind for products or services. When negotiation for changes is necessary to make changes, let them know as soon as possible. This is part of the discussion along with pricing and design.

Ad space combined with other platforms

If you are already working with advertisers from AdSense or Chitika, take these into account. If the design of a page does not permit a lot of shuffling for likely areas be sure to share this info with advertisers when promoting. Bloggers using a "cookie cutter" type of blog space are limited with is possible with marketing in lots of cases. Limitations are what decrease value and income in sales.

Rearranging current ads

The need to rearrange some of the current ads on a layout sometimes comes up. When possible do so as soon as possible. Most folks avoid placing all of the space for sale in a clump or one area and move it around the entire design.This opens up possibilities for different customers with a variety of different needs.

Consider what the blog looks like if all of the space is not sold at the same time or if all of these regions are blank while promotion is going on. There is a negative visual appeal which has the potential to drive customers away.

Make certain a blog is attractive

Give a variety of options

Buyers are characteristically searching for different things with the space purchased. A buyer is selling a personal product or service and need blogs with a good fit for either. Of course, how much money to spend and the niche influence these decisions. Matching a buyer and seller together for a good fit increases with one important step. This is one of the most important tasks to gain a buyers attention quickly. Give a buyer what they want.

All buyers are attracted to some specific things shopping around the web. Whether or not they find what they need or are looking for remains to be seen. Yet, research has supported a blogger who keeps a nice clean layout is more likely to attract advertisers than one that is not easy to navigate. It is not a good plan to keep one hosting difficult to see because of colors, tints or hues. More positive outcomes are seen with a nice clean ad space.

Place ads in a positive marketing scheme

Numerous bloggers simply haphazardly put ads on a site without thought or a process. By working in this manner it forfeits money on the table. If currently cleaning up an area to become more appealing, do so right away. This is sometimes a considerable undertaking depending on the blog configuration and other aspects that impact it. The sooner the better and the more lucrative it becomes.

Be critical

View the entire area with a critical eye and try to see it from the perspective of an advertiser. Many bloggers want to make more money selling ad space, but also keep visitors in mind and keep them satisfied. It must be presentable and pleasing to look at. Try to develop a nice balance to both.

Standard size ads are best for blogs selling space

There is not a limitation on what zone or how much area to sell. However, a standard size blog ad generally works well. The reason most standard size ones are popular and work well is because an advertiser usually has them created and ready to go.

Creating unique or out of the ordinary size ones are not unheard of. Though, these are generally best to stay away from. Since most blogs are formatted for standard sized ads or those within a certain proportion attempting to adjust these sometimes is a pitfall. An alteration means making changes to other things around the blog as well and the backlash costs visual appeal in some cases..

When selling avoid too many ads

There are times when a blogger sells too much ad space. Excess in this case is not a good thing. It does sound wonderful to have lots of customers and more money, but there are several negative things associated with it.

Too many

Advertisers searching for blog ad space view a blog with too many ads as a negative space. They refuse to place a personal ad on this area because with all of the activity it is difficult for customers to see theirs. Additionally, it takes away from the clean look and layout which is appealing for new advertisers. Keeping an overabundance of these maintained and organized is also a hassle.

Research reveals readers don’t enjoy the experience. Losing an audience and new business is not where to focus any blog.

Not enough

The other end of things is the space with no advertising area utilized. Under developing ads is not a good thing either. Work with a blog and the from the current ads decide what to see or sell to find a happy medium.

Pricing blog ads is not as tricky as it seems

The average pricing model for selling blog ad space

The average pricing model is $1 for every 2000 page views. This means if for every 10,000 page views in a month expect to sell ad space at $5 per month for an average sized space. This certainly means this is not what to charge. This is simply regarded as the median. Remember when selling ad space the average pricing model is only one piece of the puzzle for determining pricing.

Size and cost are relative

The price of the blog ad is also determined by the size of the ad, where the ad is placed on a site and if a blogger has others located around the space up for sale. Some niches find the certain niche has higher priced ads than others.

Countless discover it is as much as double or triple the average pricing model for others. Research your competitors around the web for more info. Take all these things into taken account for the right price for your ad space.

Set the right price to avoid turning customers away. Pricing too high prices a blog out of the market and no advertisers show any interest. Too low means losing money. Find the happy medium to bring everything together.

Advertise a blog right

Patience is needed when to advertise or look for the correct type of client. Allow buyers seeking space to get a feel for the area where the ad is proposed. Most shop around and ask a variety of questions. They need to know about readers, sources of traffic, read posts and use other investigative techniques to match up well with a site. All of these assist them in determining if their customers are a good fit as well as if the site chosen is worth the time and money.

An affiliation with the right online retail site to match you with advertisers interested in your particular type of blog helps make sales faster. An independent customer sees a larger industry favorite on your blog and is attracted as well.

Getting matched with larger retail sites for blog ad spaces are found through a variety of resources around the web. Lots of bloggers use a third party which brings these large retailers together with bloggers.

Having ads priced right, a nice amount of blog traffic as well as a call to action with an “advertise here” on your website certainly helps with appeal too.

Combine all or several of these suggestions to increase the likelihood of getting an increase in business.

In conclusion

Generally a couple of weeks is a decent enough time for feelers or tickles from advertisers showing an interest. If you haven’t heard back from any advertisers in this amount of time, re-evaluate your pricing or ad placement.

Be careful lowering pricing or making drastic changes to your blog ad selling campaign. Many of the websites that help bloggers sell advertising sites contain blogs with plenty of advice and material to help place ads to attract business.

This is a great website owner discussing how to sell ad space for a website or blog.

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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      tamron makes great points about blogging as well as ads. Blog advertising is something that I'm still learning and hope to get more successful with this next year. Thanks for all of the great tips!

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      The one thing I have learned about blogging is you never stop learning.

      Putting to many ads on a blog is not a good thing whether they are Ad-sense or paid ad space. Vote Up

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for the comment vocalcoach. it is appreciated.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      This is information I need to know. Well put together, clear and concise. Voting a big up! Thanks.