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How to Purchase a Premium Theme at Themesforest

Updated on February 23, 2013

This tutorial guides you to purchase a theme or any other product from the Themesforest marketplace in less than 5 minutes! Themesforest is the largest marketplace for Wordpress themes and plugins! If you are entirely new to themesforest, I suggest you explore the website to witness real designs!

Buying a Premium WP Theme or Anything Else

I hope you've already selected your preferred theme, if not, browse the themesforest marketplace to choose any of the myriad wonderful themes!

You need to create an account with ThemesForest to purchase any product! On the top right of the homepage or any other page, you can see 'create account' tab. Click on that and fill up your details.

One you fill the details corectly, you'll be redirected to a page list the one below! You also need to verify your email account.

Buying a theme

You need to verify the email address, and once done you're all set to purchase any product from ThemesForest! Browse any product of your choice and then click on the purchase button!

Say, I wish to buy the Nevada Business Theme ( A very Strong Premium Business theme). Let's see, how we can buy this theme from the ThemesForest Market place!

After you click on the purchase button, you're to choose the payment option. You can either use PayPal to buy the product or Make a Direct Deposit.

I'm choosing the Direct Deposit option since I don't want to pay an additional surcharge of $2 for PayPal transaction!

Click on make a deposit link and you'll be asked to deposit an amount ( $10, $20...)

Since, my Nevada Theme Costs $55, I'll make a deposit of $60 ( I can purchase anything with my $5 extra balance later when ever I wish, It will be shown credited in my ThemesForest account) I'm choosing the Skrill Moneybookers and clicking on Purchase

The Skrill payment gateway opens, asking you to fill the required credentials! Skrill works with both debit card and credit card across many countries, so I guess you won't have any issue! Alternatively, you've a PayPal option too. Anyone can put his debit card credentials and can make a purchase!

After you click on the pay button, an authentication of a successful purchase will be shown! You'll then be redirected to the page having the download folder!

I bought the Cnews WordPress theme, as you can see from the screenshot. Just by clicking the download button, I can save the zip file and use it.

Based on the product you purchase, there is an awesome tech support which comes as free!

Final Words..

Should you have any query or doubts while making a purchase at Themesforest, do let me know! Also, feel free to share you personal experience!


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