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How to Qualify for Pest Control Jobs

Updated on January 30, 2012

Pest control jobs are a decent way to make a living without a substantial need for college or specialized training before getting a job. However, there are sometimes state license requirements for pest control workers.

Companies like Terminix are the major employers of pest control workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there were 62,490 pest control jobs in the United States in May of 2010. Although the salary is not particularly high, the average income of around $30,000 is certainly not half bad when considering that no special skills are required for the job.

Note: Local and federal governments and schools hire some pest control workers, but those numbers pale in comparison to pest control companies.

With that said, there are states that require a license for all pest control workers (not just the person who owns the exterminator company). Fortunately, companies tend to sponsor the training necessary to get a license, which might also include taking a licensing exam. For example, Terminix, a leading extermination company, has a training program for all new employees.

An example of licensing requirements can be found in Texas. The Texas Department of Agriculture requires a Technician license for all pest control workers. It is possible to get training as an apprentice first, but Apprentice Registration is required. There is an exam in addition to filing the paperwork for a license. In a state like Texas, just contact employers for a job first. They will then lead you through the process of getting the required pest control worker licenses and registration.

Note: Some states require continuing education for pest control licensees. Your employer will either set up this training or provide you with the necessary information. Courses like the one provided by the Texas Pest Control Courses website are important to keep up with changes in science and technology that affect the pest control business.


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