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How to Quit Your Job Without Any Income or Money

Updated on March 16, 2011


Are you tired of the commute, office politics, and stress of a job? Quit today and start a business of your own while making money with no experience from day one.

Regain your Freedom

 Quitting a job for many people has less to do with monet issues and more to do with society acceptance.  What's the first question a stranger asks you? What do you do?  Society trys to define people and put them in classifications.  Since when has society been right?

  Starting a business can be done by anyone regardless of their prior experience or knowledge.  If you cut back your monthly expenses to the bone and research business opportunities you can quit your job and challenge the status quo. 

  If you have a computer and internet access you have no excuse for not being in business for yourself.  That computer is your financial freedom with enough research and work.  You could take surveys online and write for cash the very first day you start to work for yourself.  The money from these two projects will allow you to research and develop web-sites which can be done for as little as $10/month. 

  Take a risk in your life at you may open up a new world where your lifestyle is much improved.


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