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How to Read a Google Analytics Report for Marketing Strategy

Updated on May 26, 2011

When I ask entrepreneurs what their main keyword phrases are, and who visits their website now, they often come up with something very generic or quite obviously off base. But if they read their own Google Analytics/web analytics report every month, then they should be getting a good picture of visitors’ countries, best referral sites, popular pages, and popular keywords.

So how can you read an Analytics report to gain insight into your Prospects and Customers?  I’ve done a short screen capture video that helps explain this practically.

Understanding Analytics Visitors/Keywords


Identifying Marketplace Gaps

Perhaps you know your ideal visitor numbers and conversions are falling short, but how do we identify missing ‘attractor’ keywords? First of all, you need to know your target market’s phrases – what exact keywords do they type into Google or Bing when searching your service/product type?

First of all, I use a software called Market Samurai to do keyword research (by Noble Samurai in Australia). Although Google has a free keyword tool, I’ve found that the breadth of information gathered in a few minutes by Market Samurai is staggering. As a business owner or promoter, it’s helpful to know the commerciality index, the trend, and the Local figures for #1 position in your desired keyword phrase. All Market Samurai Learning Tools are first rate.

After I have discerned the most vital keyword phrases (partly through my knowledge of human behaviour and partly based on what I want to sell) – I write the top five down and start to integrate them into the Home Page, Services pages/Product descriptions, and adjoining Blog content.Which brings me to the importance of blog/website articles.

The Power of Great Blog Content

If you can easily add interesting, original blog articles directly to your website, do so. Why? Because this will be an online visitor funnel…

  • I’ve noted that top ranked websites nearly all have 500+ website pages, in all manner of different industries. Yes, even landscapers.
  • Great blog content is naturally attractive of back-links, requiring less work on your part.
  • You can use the Share This button at the bottom to post relevant topical articles to your LinkedIn groups (and profile).
  • Comments – while blog comments are spam fodder, allowing comments can often help you gather ideas for future topics, and also key you into the mood of your audience. (It’s more enlightening than just looking at numbers).


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