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How to Reduce or Eliminate your Television Bill by Working Online

Updated on December 19, 2015

This article is a subset of my Hub "A Realistic Approach to Earning Money Online".

While a lot of people may promise to tell you how to make a fortune online, my goals are a little more modest. Frankly my achievements are a little more modest. Sure, it would be great to make piles of cash, but this is a goal that often requires special skills and years of effort. Reducing a few household bills, however, is much easier for the average person to a achieve, and helps free up some money for other things.

All of the tips on this page are things I actually do myself, so I know for a fact that they work. And I will post updates of anything changes or I come up with a new strategy.

1) Replace Cable with Streaming Services

If you have not already done this, sit down and think seriously about the idea. Look at what your full monthly cable or satellite bill is. Make a list of all the shows you really enjoy watching. How many of these will you be able to watch by subscribing to Netflix and Hulu? You will notice that these services carry news and current affairs shows as well as dramas. You might be surprised how much special interest material you can find there that never appears in cable. Even if you will miss a few shows of see them after a delay, will the cost savings make it worth while? Maybe you can find some new favorites!

The average cost of cable is $64.50. This step will reduce your bill to $15.99.

2) Used Quickthoughts to Add iTunes Movies

One of the things you might miss is new release movies. Many of these can be purchased online through iTunes. But to avoid blowing your budget do not connect any conventional method of payment to iTunes, instead earn iTunes vouchers online and limit your spending to what you can earn.

The best method I have found is Quickthoughts. This is an app you can put on your phone. Through it you fill out surveys for $1.00 each. I check it dailly and generally get at one that I can complete each day. However you often get screening questions and the number of surveys you are offered will depend on your demographic profile.

3) Use Bing Search to Get Hulu for Free

If you sign up to Bing Rewards you can earn points every time you use the Bing search engine.

One thing you can do is go to the main Bing page. Notice the new links on the ribbon on the bottom of the page? Every time you click one you learn about a timely news story, and earn half a point. Thirty searches a day will earn you a total of 420 points. Enough, once you have Bing rewards "gold" status, to exchange for one month of free Hulu plus.

Until you get gold status, or if you miss a day, you can earn extra points with mobile search or referrals.

Your $15.99 bill is now down to $7.99

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    • Marian Designs profile image

      Marian Cates 2 years ago from Stevenson, WA

      Never heard of QuickThoughts before. Have bookmarked it and will check it out. Thanks for sharing!