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How to Relieve Stress while at the Office

Updated on May 10, 2011

Stressed out.... thinking of going postal?

We have all been there... stressed out beyond belief. We have deadlines to meet, work to accomplish and people to get along with. Sometimes, the people that we have to work with can push us over the edge. Some people do eventually tip, but what can you to to prevent that from happening? I have put together a few ideas and tips that I hope can help you to cope with your job and the high stress that you are dealing with every day.

Coping techniques

If you feel yourself boiling over to the point of explosion, you need to take some action immediately.

1. Get up and get out for a few minutes. Take a walk on your coffee break, it's a really great stress reliever and it will definitely clear your head.

2. Plug in - listen to your Ipod or online music through your computer. Most radio stations have a live listening option online, and you can listen to them anywhere in the world.

3.  Book a Massage - on your lunch hour, go get a full body relaxation massage.  You will feel awesome when you get back to work!

4. Do you need a vacation? Maybe some time off would help you out. Time away from the situation can help you to regroup and start to think more clearly.

I want to kick someone's ass

My neighbor at work is a total loudmouth. She spends her time yakking, somewhere around 95% of her time is spent LOUDLY talking, most people in our 5,000 square foot office can hear her from anywhere.   The thing that makes me boil over is that I can't even have a conversation with my immediate neighbor without Ms. Obnoxious adding in her two cents (uninvited, of course). HOWEVER, when it comes time for Ms. Obnoxious to get her work done or to talk on the phone, the rest of us are immediately told that we have to be quiet. Want to see someone's blood boil? Yeah, you guessed it, I can feel immediate neck pain and shoulder pain at that point in time, but I do some breathing techniques, go for a short walk around the office, and sit down and plug myself in to something heavy in music.  It takes me some time to calm down, but if I can do it, so can you.

Slow Burn Coping Techniques

Here are some evil little thoughts that I imagine in my head and sometimes they just help me to cope...

1. What if someone slipped a fresh, uncooked chicken drumstick into the back of a certain person's desk drawer. How fresh would it be on a hot summer day.... Just make sure this happens just before you leave on vacation for the summer!

2. That horrible illness you have been nursing for a few weeks left you home in bed sicker than a dog and you wouldn't wish it on your worse enemy... or would you? Drag your sick butt into work and have long drawn out conversations with the bane of your existence. Cough often, sneeze too and share those germy germs.

3. Sign your buddy up for every spammy site you can find so that their inbox gets filled with loads of crap and drives them insane.

4. If you have to work with someone you do not like closely for the day, eat a pile of garlic the night before or for lunch if the meeting is after lunch. Watch them wrap things up quickly!


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