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Are you an Amazon Associate?

Updated on January 19, 2013
Valentine's Day is a popular holiday to promote Amazon Items.
Valentine's Day is a popular holiday to promote Amazon Items.

The Amazon Associates Program is a great affiliate marketing tool. I have been a Amazon Associate for three years. What I like about it is that they have a huge amount of products to chose from. If you want to sell hair products, clothing, flowers, cooking products, books, smart phones or seasonable merchandise Amazon offers something for everyone. You can create buying guides for holiday shopping or create carousels for a variety of merchandise for consumers. Amazon Associates primarily drive internet traffic to the website through formatted links that track your sales and activity.

My favorite holiday of the year that I like to promote is Valentine's Day. Amazon has so many products for "lovers" they offer cards, and gifts such as perfume, stuffed animals, candy, kindle, gift cards, and a wide variety of trinkets.

Steps to Create Higher Conversions


To be successful using Amazon Associates you should look at your keywords and the analytics to determine what your readers are most interested in. That is the first step in determining what Amazon items you should add to enrich their experience while visiting your blog, article or website.

Step 2

Formatted Links of course each product that you review will have a HTML link. The HTML links we are discussing here are for a blog, business or personal website and or other social media platforms such as Pinterest. Amazon offers text links and text and image HTML links the ones that you will use will depend on your preference.

Step 3

Contextual, Widgets and aStore allows you to select a variety of ways to showcase products within your blog, business of personal website. I like widget carousel ads best, but I recommend you experiment on your blog to find that one that converts best for you.

Step 4

Select Quality Products always be sure you are only selling products that are of high quality and integrity. Don't put profit over value. Remember as a thought leader you are responsible for providing your readers with the best advice and insight. You are forming a trust bond with people who look to you for direction and value. Never take that for granted, they want to know that you stand behind the products your present. Representing value can help you to get other worthy opportunities.

Step 5

Write a Description of the products you select many times when people view your Amazon Associate Products they may not realize that you personally have selected them. They may think the products are computer generated instead, so always give you own snippet of what makes the product a value. This seems to make my conversion rate higher.

Step 6

Test & Tweak to create the right solution for you. If you are like me, your blog is an experiment in what works and what doesn't for your readers. There are no overnight successes in internet marketing. So as you grow your readers will expand and your success with affiliate marketing will also grow. Always have multiple streams of income utilizing different affiliate programs. I am sure you have heard of other programs take your time and research and pick the ones that best suit your keywords and your readers interest. There is no one solution.

Have fun and leave a comment and let me know what is working for you.

This is Part 4 "How to Make Money Online",

Amazon Associates Tutorial


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I have had luck with writing reviews in the Amazon module. I am very pleased with my Amazon earnings from hubpages.