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How to Sell More with Amazing Article Titles

Updated on August 31, 2014

Welcome to Writing!

I run a blog called Orandze to help freelancers and entrepreneurs get a boost in their business.

Do you earn your living as a freelance writer? Does your business depend on crafting content buyers will find engaging and socially sharable? If you want to sell more articles, your most crucial step in the entire writing process needs to be how you craft your title.

In today's socially savvy world, titles need to encourage clicking in fewer than 140 characters. Think of how you scan your Twitter feed or peruse your Facebook news feed. Chances are mighty good that unless a lead sentence jumps out at you, you're not going to click on it. Bland blog headers just won't work any more. While link bait options like '7 Secrets of Selling Miley Cyrus Uses' won't win you any favours from editors (or sales from clients), using the link bait thought process in your title-crafting can definitely play in your favour. Creating leads that are engaging and build upon the principles of professional sales copywriting can potentially cause a dramatic increase in your rate of article sales. Fortunately for today's freelance writers, there are a number of handy generators available that take the work out of crafting clickable titles. Be sure to bookmark the following tools and then A/B test your article titles. Chances are good that the leads you optimize for social media sharing will outsell your generic titles by a wide margin.

Content Row

Content Row offers a helpful generator that can get your mind thinking of creative blog posts and sellable articles. Simply input your topic of choice, and this handy writer tool will offer you multiple options.


Hubspot's tool lets you enter a series of keywords instead of just a single word or phrase. If you are writing on dry topics like insurance or credit cards, Hubspot's tool will offer results like "The Worst Advice You've Ever Heard about Insurance" or "7 Things About Credit Cards Your Boss Wants to Know". While these options might not work for the article you are crafting, they can definitely help you to write your content in an engaging way that ties into creative titling options.

Guy With the Coat

Although meant to be a tool for books, the generator from Nathaniel Jones can be quite helpful if you are stuck for article writing ideas. This tool for writers offers completely random options that can act as 'brain sparks' to get you thinking about quirky tales to tell. If you are bored writing on generic topics, you might want to try crafting content on unusual topics.

Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz offers an exceptionally helpful tool. Input your topic of choice, click noun or verb, and then hit the big green 'submit' button. Instantly you'll receive hundreds of options in various formats.


If you think a link bait header might actually help increase your writing sales, the Upworthy generator might work for you. This handy generator offers completely random suggestions. If you are suffering from brain freeze or just have no idea what to write about, you can peruse the suggestions this generator offers to see if any article ideas come to mind. Use with caution though as your articles still need to please a buyer. Just because a header is clickable, that doesn't mean a buyer is going to want to pay good money for your article. A purchased article still needs to potentially deliver conversions. Just because a lead sentence or header generates interest that doesn't mean it will achieve the end result a buyer craves.

What's your favorite generator to use?

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Can these five title tools help you create more engaging headlines?

If you want to expand your inventory of articles and target new buyers for your content, it might be time to add a header tool to your arsenal of writing resources. Do you dare to alter your modus operandi and attempt to create titles that are optimized for social media sharing?


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