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Jewelry Display Ideas - DIY and Commercial

Updated on January 5, 2019
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Tricia Deed is a freelance writer of business opportunities or home based businesses. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Commercial Jewelry Display

A display of jade necklaces, bracelet, and earrings on commercially constructed display stands.
A display of jade necklaces, bracelet, and earrings on commercially constructed display stands. | Source

Handcrafted Jewelry

You are an excellent jewelry designer and craftsman, who has imagined and physically assembled jewelry pieces which are one-of-a-kind or unique. Each original jewelry piece has taken time, money, labor and loving hands to bring it into existence.

Many necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and broaches have been made with your skilled hands. Take a look at your line of creations and note any style patterns which have emerged. There may be one or several styles.

The style of jewelry will tell you how to display these treasures to their best advantage or to target a particular audience.

I have learned from experience that if you line up your jewelry and display these creations in unattractive containers, scattered on the display table haphazardly, or too many pieces which present a cluttered mess. Shoppers will stop and look, but will walk away without making a purchase.

Wooden Open Box Display

Pearl necklace draped from an open wooden box.
Pearl necklace draped from an open wooden box. | Source

Jewelry Display Props

Plan and be willing to invest effort, money, and time to create a display foundation and background to attract customers to want to look and admire your jewelry creations. It is critical for jewelry pieces to be arranged with the proper background and jewelry display props to help customers see the solution to their fashion problem.

Example: Making wedding jewelry may be your specialty. Arrange jewelry on a dress form wearing a wedding gown or a veil in order to highlight the pearl necklace or headpiece to help the customer see how it may look with their choice of wedding gown and bridesmaid accessories.

Restrict your display to represent weddings. This will establish your specialty and your expertise.

  1. Display a few jewelry creations at a time.
  2. Too many items on the table will devalue jewelry creations and diminish uniqueness.
  3. A crowded display will appear careless and cluttered resulting in disinterest and confusion for the customer.
  4. Conversations with the customers will open opportunities to present other design styles.
  5. Post a sign stating, “We do custom work”.

Other examples: Select a theme and build on it. The advantage of working with themes is that the props which you use may also be sold. This will be added revenue for your jewelry business.

The theme may be commercial items or do it yourself creations or a combination of both. There are hundreds of ideas for themes. Start with a theme which compliments your handcrafted jewelry..

Love Theme

A dish labeled with the word Love and a heart help to display rings.
A dish labeled with the word Love and a heart help to display rings. | Source

Glass Jewelry Showcases

Commercial retail stores have special display units or glass showcases to arrange their jewelry. These types of display cases may be considered for gold, silver, and gem jewelry. These cases may also be considered for outdoor displays to keep jewelry safe and clean.

Glass breaks, plastic cases should be considered as they are safer for traveling and setting up in outdoor events. These cases do have locks which may be necessary in certain locations.

Bracelet Displayed on Natural Coral Rock

A coral bracelet is displayed on a piece of coral rock.
A coral bracelet is displayed on a piece of coral rock. | Source

Natural Jewelry Display

Jewelry black velvet fabric is a classic choice for displaying jewelry. But black is not always the best color for multicolored beaded jewelry. White or nude may be better background colors.

Jewelry forms may be purchased or make your own forms with heavy duty cardboard covered with favored fabric.

An inexpensive idea for a table display is to collect different sizes of rocks, bricks, plastic containers, pots, or cardboard boxes. Place these objects on the display table to create height and assorted platforms.

Open your choice of fabric such as satin, velvet or other favored textile. Lift it high and let the open fabric fall onto the table creating a loose cover.. Tuck fabric between the selected objects and work the fabric for an attractive presentation. Arrange necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings strategically on top of the hard surfaces or in the valleys created by the fabric. Take a photo. The photo will be your guide in setting up future display tables.

Natural Settings Backdrop

Jewelry displayed among tree branch cuttings and artificial flowers.
Jewelry displayed among tree branch cuttings and artificial flowers. | Source

DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

Handcrafted jewelry which is considered unique or different can also be displayed using common articles which are found in and around the home.

Drape the display table with a favored fabric. Match your jewelry designs with objects that will enhance or show off your work. Be prepared for customers who want to purchase your unique jewelry display along with the selected jewelry piece.

Ceramic DIY Display ideas:

Glass plates, mugs, cups and saucers, serving dishes, platters, relish dishes, mirrors, assorted seasonal wares, assorted bric-a-bracs, and mirrors. Select glassware which will stand alone or can be stacked. Limit the use of glassware for outdoor showings.

Wooden DIY Display Ideas:

Wooden napkin holders, coffee tree, necktie holder, small wooden boxes, jewelry box, suit case, small logs, tree branches, picture frames, suitcase, toys, and gift boxes. Coffee mug stands are great for hanging bracelets. Spice ranks with hooks hold necklaces. Picture frames with hooks or netting will hold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Metal DIY Display Ideas:

Large spoons, assorted hooks, cans, metal mixing bowls, tools, any item identical to glass or ceramics but constructed of metal.

Plastic and Styrofoam Display Ideas:

Substitute plastic or cardboard items for glass or ceramics, food storage containers, egg cartons, Styrofoam containers, toys, and trays. Stack cups and saucers or connect platters with stemmed glassware.

Mardi Gras Mask With Bracelet

A bracelet displayed with a masquerade mask.
A bracelet displayed with a masquerade mask. | Source

Jewelry Display Pieces

Jewelry creations can be placed in, set upon, encased in, or surrounded by many different types of objects. Look around your house for containers which can be used for giving an interesting "look" or "theme" to your jewelry display table.

  1. Surround your displays with flowers accenting the colors of the beads, gems, or stones which are used in your handcrafted jewelry. If possible, display a rock or gem collection which corresponds to the finished beads which helps educate the public for an appreciation of where different beads originate from.
  2. Do you make children's jewelry? Set your creations among children's toys or their clothing.
  3. If the jewelry you make has a cultural theme likewise display your jewelry among the ethnic containers, fabrics, or clothing.
  4. Walk around the house looking at plant containers, yard decorations, rotted wood, and other yard paraphernalia which can be spruced up by cleaning, painting, varnishing, or staining.
  5. Do you collect sea shells? Display earrings in the shells. Drape necklaces and bracelets from coral structures or draped from a sand bucket or driftwood.

Jewelry display pieces can be found within surroundings.

Inspired by Pinterest: Jewelry Displays

The Jewelry Display

Where do you find jewelry displays?

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