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Advice on How to Setup a Free Blog

Updated on June 11, 2011

If you want to find a way to earn money on the internet but you're just getting starting, you can setup a free blog. This is a good place to get started, especially if you don't have the means to setup your own blog.

But, if you've been making money online for a while or you have the means to reserve a domain, find a host, and setup your own blog, I don't recommend using the free sites. In the long run, you'll end up making more money from a hosted site.

Why Setup a Free Blog?

However, there are some advantages to setting up a site on a free platform. Here's a list.

  • You can make sure you enjoy blogging on the topic without spending your hard earned money.
  • Test the idea and see if you can develop an interested audience. If the idea is a good one and your traffic increases, you can move the blog over to its own site.
  • If you decide not to go through with the idea, you didn't lose any money.
  • A great way to hone your blogging skills without losing money.

Choose a Platform For Your Free Blog

Once you come up with the idea for your blog, your next step is to choose a blog platform. Here are some of them: Though there are other sites, I think is the best because you can advertise affiliate links. Other sites have strict rules against this.

Of these, I like blogger the best because of the ease of use. Plus, it is simple to install Google Adsense ads and they don't frown on promoting affiliat programs and putting ad buttons and banners throughout the side. doesn't even allow Adsense.

Write Content for Your Free Blog

If you want to make money with the blog, you need to learn how to write content that people will want to read. Just think about the articles and blog posts online that you like to read and mirror the style. If you write something you won't read, chances are other people will have trouble reading it, too.

Come up with a list of topics relating to the subject of your blog. For example, if you've started a blog on dog training, you may feature stories of dogs who have been successfully trained as well as tips and techniques for training them.

Make Money With Your Free Blog

The next step is to figure out how your site will make money. Most bloggers use more than one method. From the list, I use two of them - Adsense and marketing affiliate programs.

  • Get Paid to Blog (Advertising). Sites like Smorty pay you to blog. All you need to do is sign up, wait until your blog is accepted, and then complete the offers. The advertiser will usually give you a link and some instructions on what to write.
  • Pay Per Click Ads. You can build an entire blog to promote programs like Google Adsense, Adbrite, or the Yahoo ad program. When someone clicks on the link in the ad, you make some money.
  • Internet marketing. This is where you promote products on your site. You can either use affiliate programs or create your own products. It's up to you.
  • Get advertisers. It is also possible to secure your own advertisers. Set your ad rates based on various factors such as page rank and how much traffic you get.
  • Donations. It's okay to put a donation button on your site. Some people may like your content and give you a few dollars.

My advice to you would be to select one or two methods and see how they work for you. Learn about how to make them successful and give it enough time to work. If it doesn't work, move on. If it does work, figure out how to make even more money from it.

Promote it And They Will Come

If you don't tell people about your site, you won't get website traffic. No traffic means no sales. There are a few different ways you can promote it and get the word out. These include:

  • Article Marketing
  • Put your link in your email and forum signatures
  • Comment on other people's blogs
  • Create a squidoo lens or hub here at hubpages
  • Use web 2.0 sites like twitter and stumbleupon

Once your blog gets going, you can move it to its own domain and host it using a company like hostgator.

Keyword Research for your Blog

Keyword research is an important part of finding success with your blog. Everyone does their keyword research differently, and tactics change all the time - especially after a Google Algorithm update. What do I suggest you do?

Use the Google Keyword Tool whenever you can. Plug in words and learn how to find keywords. In general, I like to use keywords that are somewhere in the middle - not too many searches but not too few either.

I know, my method isn't very scientific. But, I believe that the best way to learn about keyword research is to test things out and see what works. Make note of what works and replicate it in the future.

In general, I choose one keyword per blog post. Then, I put the keyword in the title and then work it into the post one or two times. That's it. I've had some good success this way.

what do you think?

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