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How to Start Online Marketing at Low Cost in a Short Time

Updated on August 19, 2020
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Prachi is a freelance marketer and copywriter. She is actively involved in market research to help entrepreneurs with brand-building.

As I already discussed, what could be the possible challenges for the newcomers to begin with the online business. Here are some ways to build a successful online audience without losing the growth of your offline business.

First of all, it is important to remember that the whole reason for establishing the online presence is to promote your business growth and increase sales as well as overall profits.

Some of you may agree, while some of few might say, “No, it is more about building relationships with the new customers and so on …” Well, we cannot deny that this is important, but since you are giving your valuable time, effort and money to boost your online channel, you certainly don’t want to suffer your growth, lower your bottom line and become way too oppressive due to online workload. So, just STOP and EVALUATE!

Evaluate how much efforts you have put in and what amount of positive result you have received out of this.



If you work with partners or employees, then it is a good option to delegate your tasksamong these people, which will be highly time-effective.

While beginning with anything new, finding the right talent is a big hurdle, but it is not really difficult to find people who are way too good at content creation and engage other people through social media platforms. Though with a little dedication, anyone can start their online business through Wordpress, but if this idea doesn’t excite you, then there are other measures to avail the available talent.


  1. Before delegating tasks, make sure to create relevant social media policy, which is useful and legal.
  2. Since presenting your business to the online world has the chance of reaching it to the millions of people, so it’s better to be deliberate enough to recruit a trustworthy person, who will provide an accurate image of your business



It is always a good idea to hire an online marketer or social media expert, who will exclusively focus on your online business growth. With this option, your business will get the right exposure and find potential customers to accelerate the promotion. Since nowadays online reputation is also a big question, this person would be efficient enough to handle such emergencies.

These points are extremely important, especially when you are looking for a contractual worker.

Besides having an online marketing experience, it is equally important for the person to have a suitable personality and other specific qualities required for the business.


Hiring a freelancer is quite common for the companies, whether small or large, to do the side or contract based jobs. There are various companies exclusively working on Internet marketing techniques. This is the easiest and most time-effective option, especially when you have no idea of how online marketing works.

Outsourcing online marketing generally works in two ways:

  1. You do deep research on the reputation and reliability of various Internet marketing companies and then, you select one or two of these to handle the task of online promotion, content creation and a little bit of social media growth. And wow, here you have reduced your burden. But, let us face the bigger picture. In reality, most of these companies don’t even have a single idea of what they are actually supposed to do with the provided information. Undoubtedly, good Internet marketing companies do exist, but their hefty prices make them unreachable to the small business owners. Always remember to check the testimonials, referrals and chat with the real person to discuss your expectations and requirements and their potential to deliver.
  2. The second way is much easier. You choose to outsource only selected jobs that can be done by anyone such as posting content to social sites, answering emails, moderating comments and editing content. Virtual assistants are the best solution to get rid of these day-to-day tasks and then, you can put your major focus on customer interaction, product development and building relations with other people.


Even if your business is running at a slow pace, staying in touch with customers through online media is a must. While learning about your products and services, customers would surely go to the Internet to check your reputation, putting up a solid background on online media is very helpful in building up customers’ trust in your company.


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    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      10 months ago

      Great information on online marketing as I am always turned off by the high costs.


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