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How to Start a Cleaning business for $30

Updated on November 20, 2009


Starting a cleaning business for $30 is a low risk and potentially high reward business to start.  There will be a lot of hard work but not a lot of money to start your cleaning business, the skys the limit if you really work at it.

$30 Cleaning Business

These are the items you will need to get your cleaning business off the ground.

1. Business Cards - $4( includes shipping, having business cards will show your professionalism and help to advertise your business.

2. Cell Phone - $10( prepaid with minutes, this will give you a seperate business number which is important so you answer the phone with professionalism.

3. Shirts - $8( includes shipping, having a professional looking shirt with your business name and number is the perfect image you want.

4. Supplies - $8(dollar store) towels, mop, broom, misc.  Use the clients vaccum cleaner until you get more profits for that item.

5. Advertisiing - $0(craigslist/post on stores) , is free to post business ads and store have bulliten boards to post your business cards.

You are now in business and can your first few clients with minimum investment.


So for $30 you can really get a cleaning business started and looking professional.  Your business will require much more investment as it grows so continue to use the profits for upgrdaing and increasing your income.


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