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How to Start a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business

Updated on May 31, 2017

Become a Professional Dog Walker


Before you start - Ask yourself some of these questions

A pet sitting or dog walking is a great career choice for pet lovers. Setting up this fun business is not difficult as you might think. If you’re an animal lover or have a capacity to dedicate the right way and desire to get success, then this profession is for you. This article will share some easy tips to help you be a professional pet sitter or dog walker. Consider these tips if you want to succeed in a pet sitting/dog walking business.

  • Do you love pets? Before you enter into the pet care industry, it is important to confirm if you really love animals? A love for animals is the essential requirement for starting a pet sitting or dog walking business.
  • Are you ready to take up different kinds of challenges? The pet care professionals demand is rapidly growing because now pet owners understand the power of using pet sitters or dog walkers. They take a great care of pets, right from brushing, feeding, they even give medications or injections to pets.
  • Do you have any knowledge about this profession? You must analyze whether you have any knowledge about this business, are you eligible to be a pet sitter or a dog walker?

These questions need to be answered before you take up a pet sitting or dog walking as a profession.

2. Determine what training you will need. To provide a better service experience, it is important for you to get a professional training. First, you should identify which training's are available to help you learn better techniques on how to care for the pets. You must research various accredited schools providing professional dog training classes.

3. Research what pet care services are in demand in your area. Check if there is a huge demand for pet care service providers in your area, if yes then what pet care services are high on demand. By this way, you can check the popular list of services, their rates, and more! So you can adjust your fees accordingly and offer the best pet care services to your clients.

4. Decide an effortless name for your business. Always consider an easy breezy name for your business. The name must be catchy or different, but at the same time, it should be simple and easy to remember. Most of the times, people find pet sitters or dog walkers online, if your business name sounds difficult, it would be hard to find it online.

5. Study about the license and insurance you will require. If you want to be a recognized business, you must get your license as well as insurance. The insurance covers both pet sitters or dog walkers. They are cheap to get, for more information on the license, you can check the UK small business administration website. There you can find what kind of licenses you will require in your area.

6. Establish your fees. This is the toughest decision to make, establishing your service rates is not easy. For this, you can perform a market survey, there you can analyze the fees charged by your competitors. When deciding the rates, there are some factors that should be considered such as time, place, the number of animals, type of a pet, etc. Always be clear and to the point when deciding rates, this will help avoid confusions.

7. Create your business website. Today, every pet owner looks out for the pet sitters or dog walkers online. You should definitely ask an expert to create an appealing business website for you. On this website, you must include all the features you have for your clients. The different features could be a list of services you offer, professional pet sitter or dog walkers qualifications, and more!

8. Work on improving client base. Getting your website designed is one part, but working hard to improve your client base requires more attention. If you’re willing to get success in your business, it is essential to look for various ways through which you can increase your clientele. You should always treat your clients pleasantly, advertise your business through different mediums, and for more effective ways you should not wait to contact experts.

9. Write a standard agreement. You will require a signed service contract specifying all the details of the dog or other animals and how to take care of the pets and home. It should contain all the terms, includes times, dates, and rates, but need not be lengthy. To gain a professional paperwork, you can contact the business forms store.


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