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How to Start an Online Business For Free

Updated on January 27, 2011

Starting an online business seems to be a goal for a lot readers.  I would like to go over different ways that you can start making money online for free.  I have done this and you can to if you just follow a simple step by step process.  You could go out and buy some e book or program that will show you exactly how to make money with Google or Amazon.  Or you could just read this hubpage and get it all for free.  

Make money with Google.  Did you get a postcard in the mail inviting you to a seminar that promised to show you how you can get started making money with Google, Ebay and Amazon.  Here is the secret to what they do.  They make money from you.  You are eventually going to pay them to show you how to make money online and start your first online business with no money.  The problem I see is that you need money in order to purchase their e book.  

How to make money with Google?  First lets look at how Google is going to pay you.  You see Google has contextual Ads that they want to place on your page.  These ads are bought by users of Google Adwords.  The name of this ad service is Adsense.  You do need to set up an Adsense acct before you start making money online with Google.  After you sign up for your Adsense account you will need to join Hubpages.

Chances are since you are reading this you already know what hubpages is.  Let me explain how you can earn money online with hubpages.  It is a misconception that hubpages shares the revenue with you.  In actuality they share Adsense impressions with you.  So what this means is that 50% of the time they show ads that are associated with your account and the other 50% of the time they show theres.  To make it a bit clearer if you have 2 visitors then 1 of them is going to see Ads that have your id connected to them. 

How much money can I make with Google Adsense and hubpages?  Great question that has multiple answers.  It really depends on how you write and how often.  Some people make over $!500 a month using just hubpages.  They are what I like to call gururs of Hubpages.  To reach this level then you just need to understand how the search engines work.  Of course there are those that do very little research at all.  They just write 3 or more hubs daily.   Its called the quantity route.  I prefer the quality route.  

Search engines work on a keyword basis.  If you do not understand this then lets make it a bit simpler for you.  A keyword is what you type into Google to search for something.  So, if you write a hub written around this keyword you are hoping that people search for it and find your hub listed in Google.  This is a great way to get traffic that might click the Adsense ads because most hubbers do not click.  It is best to stick to the evergreen niches in this case.  There are some hubbers that are really good at this while others would rather go with the quantity system. 

Is there other ways to make money with hubpages?  Yes, you can make money as affiliates of Amazon and Ebay.  Both are great ways to make money online and get your business rolling in the right direction.  You just have to be accepted into their affiliate program.  The sharing system is the same as it is with Google.  

Hubpages is a great way to start an online business with no money.  You can start today.  Just remember that it takes time to get things moving.  The more you write the better you are going to get.  I read a story about a lady who writes for a living. She was down and out but never gave up.  Now she is running a successful online business and she started with nothing.   She just never gave up. 


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