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How to Succeed with Designz23 in Online Business

Updated on March 3, 2015

Just about everyone is trying to make money online these days, and why not? There are so many advantages to working from home or taking your brick and mortar business online. However, just because you have a website and products or services, does not guarantee you instant success. For one thing, you need to understand about competition. Then, you must find the best way to stand out from competitors. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to succeed online and why you may want to call in professional assistance.

It's All about the Competition

Do you really know who your competitors are? Before the Internet, businesses knew who their competitors were, because they were local. However, when it comes to the World Wide Web, your stiffest competition could be on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world. So how do you find these competitors? Go to your local search engine.

Visit Google and search for your keywords. Now, take a look at the listings that pop up. These are your competitors, and the first ones on the list are the ones currently getting the lion's share of your market, so what can you do?

Check out the Competition

Here is a good strategy for dealing with the competition:

  • Carefully look at your competitor's websites.
  • Look to see what they have, that you do not have.
  • Emulate their successes.

How to Be Successful

It's easy to say, emulate the successful to be successful, but how do you accomplish this? Well, there are two basic ways:

  • Study long and hard – check out all the things you can about your top competitors. However, this could be time consuming and labor intensive.
  • Get professional help – chances are your biggest competitors are at the top because they had the foresight to get the right kind of help. If you emulate this action, you not only make it easier on yourself, you are taking the most effective course of action.

Check out the bottom of web pages from successful websites. You may see something like this. "Created by web designer Kim Murphy". Next, check out Kim Murphy online and you'll see that the business is Designz23. This tells you who to contact. Of course, you may only have to click a link on the original designer information.

Why You Need a Professional Web Designer

Basic tools for online success include a website and that website needs to be better than all the rest. You need an effective website that will place you ahead of the competition, and how can you do that? When you do business with professionals like web designer Kim Murphy, you receive a number of important benefits. Let's look at what professional assistance can do for you.

First Impressions Matter

If you are shopping for homes and you see a house that is impressive, you want to go inside and check it out. However, if the lawn needs mowing and there is peeling paint on the outside, you would probably have little interest. The same is true with websites. After all, your website is the online front door to your company and if it does not impress, you have little chance for earning new business. An experienced Web designer can give you a homepage that is sure to impress others, and here is how:

  • Professional appearance – there is no substitute for a neat, tidy, and professional looking website. This is one of the best ways to instill trust in your visitors. You need to grab their attention immediately or they will get quickly bored and go elsewhere.
  • Comfort – a professional website makes visitors feel comfortable with you.
  • Consistency – people can expect consistent service from you, when your website is consistently impressive.
  • More revenue – there are good reasons successful businesses have great looking websites, they bring in more business.

What about Search Engine Rank?

It's hard to read any kind of material about online business success without hearing about SEO or search engine optimization, but is it really that important? Let's examine the concept of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to making your sites friendlier to the search engines. But why do you need to impress them?

Sites like Google control the Internet these days. Most people search the Web using Google or a website that is linked to this search giant. Therefore, if you wish to succeed in online business, you need to be popular with Google, but what does this really mean?

Every time someone searches online for information, they receive a listing of websites that are "relevant" to their search terms. As such, your site needs to be on that list, or searchers cannot find you. Moreover, your website must be at or near the top of the search results listings, if you want to be found. Studies show that people instinctively choose the top items on lists, and here is a good example.

Think of search engines like the old fashion phone books of not long ago. In the past, phone directories were one of the few ways people could search for local businesses. As such, many companies optimized their businesses for the phone directory by getting to the top of the list with business names like AAA Auto Parts or AAAA cleaners. This strategy was used because phone books listed businesses in alphabetical order. However, this outdated method will not work for search engines, so you need other strategies and that is where professional web designer services come into play.

What Else Can Web Design Professionals Do For Me?

You'll discover a wide range of services from professional companies like Desginz23. For example, not only can they design the perfect website for your needs, they also offer several types of marketing services.

Blog Sites

Many businesses routinely overlook the importance of a good blog site. This is the perfect platform for providing important information to customers and potential customers, and you have a great source for linking back to your website or landing pages. Remember, the more links you have to your site, the higher you can rise in the search engine ranks.

When you hire professionals for you blog site, you get attractive pages and content that has been written by professional writers. There's no need for you to struggle, trying to think about what to write. You will receive informative and entertaining copy, that draws the attention of the reader.

Mobile Access

Did you know that mobile devices are the fastest growing market for the Internet? In fact, before long, more people will be going online with smart phones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices, than with personal computers. If your website is not optimized for mobile traffic, you are losing out on a tremendous amount of business. People like web designer Kim Murphy will make sure that you do not miss out on any mobile business, because your site will be mobile friendly. This includes the ability to order products via smart phones.

Television Advertising

Maybe you are thinking about entering a new medium for advertising. This is an excellent strategy for getting ahead of the competition, and top services like Designz23 are there with great strategies for the television medium. Your marketing professionals will take care of all the details including scripts, actors, and you can star in your own professionally produced commercials if you like.

Pay Per Click Services

Using PPC or pay per click services is an excellent way to take a short cut to effective SEO. However, there is a lot to know and understand about these services, if you want to get the most from them. Thankfully, you'll have plenty of help when you hire the right professionals for the job.

Save Time

In today's multi-tasking and 60 hour work week world, time is at a premium, and the old saying "time is money" has never been more pertinent. Add up all the time it would take you to do your own web design, and you could be looking at many hours each month. Plus, you'll have to constantly put in time each week if you want to maintain your site. That's right, you have to keep your site up to date or you will lose the confidence of your visitors. Remember these three things:

  • Every time someone tries to visit a dead link, you lose business.
  • Each time someone notices outdated information at your site, you lose a little bit of respect.
  • Your competition is waiting in the wings to pick up the slack.

Save Money

It costs money for top rated web design services. However, in most cases, it takes money to make money. A web design company like Designz23 can give you one of the best returns on your investment you can earn. In addition, you will also realize income tax savings when you hire professional services.

Save Headaches

Few things in life are more stressful than running your own business, and there's really no one to blame if you fail but yourself. You have enough to do with the day to day operations, than to be concerned with all the aspects of online marketing. When you hire web design professionals you have all the help you need for marketing and promotions. They can take over the responsibilities of running a website, keep everything updated, check all the latest online statistics, and develop strategies for bringing in more online business. When you have a professional Web designer on your team, you have someone you can trust, and is there to help you when you need it.

This hub brought to you....

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • Designz23-Web profile image


      3 years ago from Allentown, Pennsylvania

      My name is Kim Murphy, the owner of Designz23. I greatly appreciate this article and wanted to say thanks for writing about us. We now offer Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Professional management, setup, and research. Total campaign management from start to finish. Go with Designz23 for all of your online marketing needs.


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