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How to Successfully Sell Ebooks as a Publisher or Affiliate

Updated on March 7, 2010

Whether you choose to sell Ebooks online as a publisher or an affiliate you should know by now that you must have traffic to your website. As well as having traffic to your website you also want to make sure that it is highly targeted traffic. A good landing page is also something vital to overall sales. If you have a confusing landing page that is not laid out correctly you will see no sales or very few sales compared with a highly targed, straight forward page that gives the customer all of the information they require to make the decision to buy.

I find it good to keep the buyer in suspense and you should spread out all of the interesting facts over the entire page. This will help keep the reader on your page for longer and hopefully result in a sale.

Targeting Traffic for your Ebook.

There are several ways to target traffic and bring them to your website and I will share a few with you now.

1. Forum Marketing: Adding your signature on a forum that is relevant to what you are selling can really help. Sometimes though they will have some kind of rules in place like that you need a minimum of 50 posts before they will accept a signature. These can also be good for backlinks as some forums are do-follow links.

2. Article Marketing: Writing about your Ebook or sharing information on the same topic with a link to your website. I find this a great way to get targeted traffic and leads to an offer I may have.

3. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. All of these are great for advertising your website without being Spammy. Just a quick update saying Hi, just realeased this new Ebook today, feel free to have a look with your website address inserted here. Friends of friends can also share this information.

4. Youtube: If your Ebook is on Diet for example you may be able to find related videos to upload to Youtube and insert your link so that people can find more information through your website. At the same time you can build mailing lists by maybe giving them a free report or something. Remember though not to Spam. Try to find original content that is not going to be breaking any copyright laws etc. The more original the better the results are with Youtube. Even video yourself.

5. Clickbank: If you are a publisher and you think you have an excellent ebook that would benefit a lot of people sign up with them. Affiliates can then come along and start selling on your behalf. If you have a really good ebook you could have 100's of affiliates selling for you at any one time bringing you in some very good money.

I have made money online as an affiliate and as a publisher in the past. I don't believe that one is better than the other, they can both be very rewarding. If you want more tips Visit Making Money Online Free


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      Marketing a ebook requires as much work as a website, very true and good information.