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How to Survive Working at Walmart

Updated on March 28, 2016

Surviving Walmart Employment 101

As someone who has worked at Walmart for five years, I have learned a lot of the ins and outs as well as the dos and don’ts. I no longer work there (thank goodness) but once I learned how a lot of stuff worked as well as what I could get away with, I started making Walmart work for me. Below I list a few of many common issues that employees face as well as some tips to help those that still work at Walmart. Keep in mind that almost every Walmart store is different and has a good bit of differences.


Common Problems Employees Face at Walmart

  • Favoritism
  • Last Minute Schedule Changes (sometimes without notice)
  • Hard Workers Having to Work Other Departments AND Expected to Keep Up with Your Department.
  • Hard Workers Picking Up the Slack of Lazy Workers While Lazy Workers Are Treated Better


How to Fight Your Schedule Changes

  • Take a screenshot of your schedule as soon as you are able to access it and go by that, not by what they changed it to. If they say anything to you about it, just show them the screenshot.
  • You may be saying “Well it says that the schedule is subject to change.” That may be true; however, they should give you advanced notice.
  • “But they say that they are not required to give advanced notice.” Technically they are required because them failing to give advance notice would require you to have internet and no company is allowed to require that you have internet unless you are a contractor it states it in the contract or if you are doing a work from home job. If you are working for Walmart, there is a high chance that you are an employee and Walmart cannot require you to have internet or smartphone unless they cover the cost and for most employees, they don’t.
  • “What if they say that I could have just used their computer?” Think of it like this: “What if you were originally scheduled to be off for 5 days and you were in a whole different state 32 hours away and they change your schedule at the last minute and you had to be there way before it was possible for you to make it?” How are you going to use their computer?


The Bathroom Is Your Friend but DON’T CONSTANTLY abuse the power of the toilet!

According to the labor law in general (please check with the labor board in your state to see if this applies to you), employers have to let their workers use the restroom and in some cases, if an employee is fired for using the restroom, the worker can collect unemployment. (keep in mind that this depends on several factors such as what state you are in, if the state has a set amount of time and/or how often the employee uses the bathroom depending on the shift, excreta.) Good employees who do not take advantage of this will do this from time to time to take an extra needed break from work as sometimes we are so busy that 15 minute breaks are just not enough.


Just do The Bear Minimum

You should still do your job but DO NOT go above and beyond. From what I noticed, unless you have a degree and/or you are one of upper management’s favorite employees, you are most likely not going to be promoted. Working hard alone does not benefit you; sadly, management will actually expect more from you and use you without rewarding you. Someone who just does the bear minimum and tries to AVOID getting noticed will have a way easier time during their employment with Walmart.


Play Stupid and Take Your Time

“Where does this go?” “How do I do that?” “I forgot!” “I’m sorry, can you tell me again?” “Do you want me to do it now?” “What are you talking about?” Only play stupid and purposefully perform those tasks wrong when they have you doing things outside of your job duties and department, eventually management will leave you alone for a long while before starting again and when they start again, just start playing stupid again. Doing this will help give you time to catch up with everything in your department. Remember to also take your time in your own department from time to time but don’t overdo it (or should I say underdo it?) as they might end up moving you to a department that you hate. When you do this in moderation, sometimes management will send other employees over to help you.

2 stars for Walmart Overall


I hope that this has help some of the Walmart employees and/or made an interesting and amusing read for my fellow readers. Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think of this hub. I want all my readers to also feel free to PM me for any questions or even just to chat! Thanks very much for reading!


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