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How to Survive a Kickstarter Launch

Updated on March 2, 2016

Kickstarter had me like

Kickstarter had me like...
Kickstarter had me like... | Source

Crowd-funding is a marathon. Here's how not to burn out the first day!

This is the true story of a Kickstarter launch that happened March 1, 2016.

I launched my first Kickstarter yesterday, a children's book about tessellations. As the first backers started coming in, the little pings on my email notices ringing every few minutes, I knew I was in trouble.

I was already overwhelmed.

If you're doing crowdfunding right, you've spent the weeks before the campaign launches preparing -- diligently reaching out to friends, family and influencers to see if they'll support your project in any way fathomable. Great job!

But now it's the first day. What to do after you press launch?

1. Update all of your social media accounts.
And I mean every single one of them, including all of the message boards you participate in.

2. Send a personal email to your entire family.
They love you and while Uncle Dan isn't on Facebook, they will be thrilled that you reached them personally.

3. Pet your favorite furry friend.
Preferably, lay next to a fireplace and stare off into space for a while so you can calm down.

4. Send a follow-up email to all of your journalism/influencer contacts.
Make sure you're not just cutting and pasting and clicking send, otherwise you'll end up sending a message to a guy called Mr. Math with the address "Hi, Denise." This will take several hours if you have a good list going.

5. Post to your blog.
Or in my case, the main project blog and my personal blog. Tell the story of your Kickstarter based on who the audience for this particular blog is.

5. Write to the Kickstarter creators you talked to before launching.
If you've done your research, you may find you have a great cheering team in the people you interviewed about the process. Kickstarter is an AMAZING community where creators help each other, so it can't hurt to reach out.

6. Write a personal email to every single person you know who is backing.
If you recognize the name, find them in your contacts and thank them! Never forget: These people are backing a product that doesn't even exist yet. They believe in YOU!

7. Go take a bath.
Read something in the bathtub that is complete drivel and don't think about Kickstarter for half an hour. Pour in half a cup of lavender tincture.

8. Go shopping for the Kickstarter party you're having.
Your closest supporters want to be involved, and having a party is the best way to thank them, even if, by now, you are exhausted, frazzled, and your cat's going bald from all the petting. In my case, I made a tessellation theme cake: Here's the vine video.

9. Smear yourself in massage oil.
Specifically, if you've been hearing pinging from your phone and have written over 300 emails and have been thanking everyone all day, you might be at the end of what your body is capable of, so a good Ayurvedic massage oil will help. I like the Vata oil.

10. Enjoy your party.
Turn off the Kickstarter notices for a while and just hang out with your friends, knowing that you can't do this, or really anything, without your friends. After all, books are really more like movies than we think. We assume that there's a writer and there's the book, but it takes a team to make any project a reality.

11. Make sure you eat.
A word about your Kickstarter diet. There may have been some Ritter Sport hazelnut chocolate in my recent past, and far too much of it. With so much going on, it's important not to eat crap or drink too much caffeine when you have a big day like this. Your campaign will last 30 days, don't burn out on the first day!

12. Go to bed without checking Kickstarter.
I promise. You've done enough. It will still be there in the morning.

What did you do to survive a big day?


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